The lovely LLG editorial assistant Katie Rose was going off on holiday to Berlin and was wondering about long-lasting manicures – so I immediately thought of Taylor Taylor and their Jessica GELeration manicures.  I can’t get them done because I wear my nails very short – I can’t seem to type otherwise, but really wanted to see the result, so I packed Katie off to get all gel-ed up.

“Here at LLG we can’t resist Taylor Taylor.  And since behind the doors of the Spitalfields empire on the corner of Folgate Street and Commercial Street, lies plenty of hubbub, cocktails and glamour, it’s no wonder.

For summer they’ve got some fabulous beauty treatments on offer to make sure that when the mercury rises hair will still be perfectly coiffed and nails immaculate.  Briony had a Brazilian Blowout (and has been a fan ever since) and recently I popped down to try out the Jessica GELeration manicure.

nail varnishes

This new nail treatment assures three weeks of glossy, chip-free nails – a seductive promise considering my home-done nails rarely last longer than 48 hours and a good manicure often only lasts the working week.  With a spate of special occasions coming up – a holiday, an anniversary, a wedding and a birthday – I’m keen to see if a gel manicure will stand the test of time.

Arriving at Taylor Taylor a margarita was immediately brought to me on an antique-style gold tray: the perfect Friday afternoon indulgence to accompany my nail overhaul.  Though I’ve never been much of a high maintenance girl I try to massage Jessica Phenomenon oil into my cuticles whenever my nails are polish-free.  For all my good intention, though, my nails were in serious need of attention and are looking much better after Antonaeta’s routine tidy up.  As far as colour goes, I found myself drawn to black cherry hues and chose ‘Notorious’, an iridescent black-purple-brown with a hint of red glitter.


before nails uv

Before & During

The application process is much the same as an usual manicure – a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat – however there is an added initial coat of ‘prep’ before the ‘start’ ‘GELeration’ and ‘finish’ coats.  Each layer is sealed with two minutes under the UV light.  As a serial smudger I loved that as soon as my final bout under the UV light was complete my nails were dry and I was ready to go.

While the GELeration varnishes look, smell and paint like a typical polish, when dry there’s a glossy toughness to them that’s hard to resist.  I’m not usually such a fan of high-gloss, preferring matte lipsticks over glosses, for instance, but the hardened jelly look on my nails seems highly appropriate and manages to make me feel ‘done’ even when I’m chilling out or at the gym.  As far as the three week promise goes – my manicure lasted two weeks before a tiny chip appeared on one nail and a crack on another.  General wear and tear and the fact that my nails grow quickly also sped up the life of my manicure.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend the GELeration pedicure, as this will undoubtedly last longer, and now think a GEL mani-pedi could be an essential part of Summer holiday prep.

after shot


The Jessica GELeration manicure or pedicure costs £48 for a full set and £10 for removal.

Taylor Taylor would like to offer LLG readers 15% off any service (hair or beauty) for first time visitors to either salon.  In addition any LLG reader who comes back for a second application of GELeration nails receives the removal for free.  Simply quote ‘LLG’. Conditions: Not in conjunction with any other offer. Offer expires August 31st 2010.


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I am like you, I have short nails, but wow.. that would be such a beautiful place to visit. I live in the states, and I am just in love with your city… So I truly appreciate everything you share… One day I hope I can visit!
Have an awesome delicious afternoon!
Take care,


Looks nice but I don’t think I’d pay $10 to have my nail polish taken off.


Wow, super shiny! I’m a bit confused though – is this a range of long-lasting varnishes, or is it like having acrylic nails put on over your own?


Sounds similar or exactly like Shellac which is what I think CnD calls their version. The removal of the polish is just soaking the polish in 100% pure acetone for about 10 minutes. So if you know of some beauty supply stores in your area you don’t have to go back to the salon (say if you got the manicure done while on vacation and leave before the 2-3 weeks are up).


Hi Zoe, basically they are almost just like normal nail varnishes – they just last longer as they are sealed with the UV light.

When they remove the GELeration they use the special Jessica products which includes soaking your nails in an acetone-free remover. It was quite a funny process as they put tin foil over each of my fingers to ensure the product soaked in! Obviously if you’ve got more nail know-how then I’m sure you could do it yourself but you can’t beat the experience of going into the salon (especially when there’s cocktails involved!)


@Katie Rose: Thanks Katie. Not a fan of the whole acrylic thing but this sounds fabulous – will be investigating Edinburgh salons forthwith!


Nice blog

Lola x


I love Taylor Taylor, I go to the little one off Brick Lane so I didn’t know the big sister did manicures… I will have to venture up that way. I like to keep my nails short too but the everlastings are very good for us writers as they can stand up to lots of typing where as I find polish alone cannot take it


I’ve spoken before of my love of all things Taylor Taylor, but I really can’t praise the Gelleration enough! It is pricey, but I find it’s actually much better value for the pedicure rather than mani – it’s the same price, but will last at least a month (in fact I got 5 weeks completely chip-proof out of mine, and only had to take it off then because it had grown out too much). So if you’ve got a month of weddings/parties/summer events/holidays, etc. it does prove its worth.

That said, I tried to take one lot off myself at home to save the extra trip back, and it was a messy experience (boyfriend came home to find my feet covered in tin foil and the house stinking of nail polish remover…).

Briony xx


This does seem rather expensive, I got Shellac nails yesterday (same idea) for £18 in Glasgow.


ha ha Briony that’s brilliant!
Mhairi – hope your nails look lovely now 🙂 and Rose – short nails need to look good too!

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