Miniature wire-haired dachshunds are relatively rare, so I’m not quite sure why we know so many. This morning Heba and Twiglet came to visit with their respective owners (although they were more interested in cake than in talking to me), and this afternoon I went up to the village to meet a DACHSHUND PUPPY and its honorary sibling.

This is (actually, he’s yet to be named, although they are thinking Otter), who is about fifteen weeks old.


And this is Toastie, his honorary sibling, who is ten and puts up with his antics with remarkably good spirit.





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That is too cute for words!!


Oh their little faces are just so adorable! We pick up our mini long-haired dachshund pup on Thursday evening and I am finding it hard to wait. Reading this has made me even more excited, I just can’t wait to have him home. Any training tips would be much appreciated – I hear they can be rather headstrong!



Hi Sian, As co -owner of Posetta Baddog, I feel it is my duty to let you know that ‘headstrong’ is somewhat of an understatement. Bloody minded and stubborn as a mule might be getting there. But they are so much fun and so hilarious when they are being naughty that you can’t help but love them even more.

Training tips? Hah! So no one has told you yet that you don’t train a dachshund they train you?

I will be thinking of you (enviously) when you pick yours up on Thursday. You are about to discover a whole new level of love. Enjoy!

lil ‘sis


Absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to get my puppy this Christmas. Just can’t decide between the long haired and short haired? Unsure if they have difference personalities although thinking perhaps not!



Dachshunds are all about the personality! General rules are long haired – most docile, wirehaired – naughtiest, smooth haired – biggest sense of superiority.

Of course though, like all rules, you can almost guarantee they won’t apply to yours. Whichever you pick though, you will find yourself with one of the most loyal, most amusing companions anyone could ever wish for.

Get ready for dachsie love – there is nothing quite like it!

‘Lil Sis


Their little faces! Adorable.


Aww… they are too cute for words! Your blog has turned me into a massive daschund fan and now I’m desperately trying to convince my man that we should get one. Thanks!


omg. it’s beyond cute <3 <3 <3


Oh I miss my mini!! @Sian: be prepared to be very disciplined. Our mini (boy as well) is still not very disciplined (probably because he is spoiled rotten). Puppy pads and socialise them asap (after vaccinations obviously). It’s just so hard when they’re so cute! Good luck!


a MD puppy? Rarely have I seen such cuteness x


They are so cute!! Oh my… I’m such a dachshund lover. I have a smooth red named, Billy. He is the same age as Toastie! ; )


I think you need to start a Daschund Daily blog, ASAP 🙂

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