So I am lucky enough to have good legs. (it’s the rest I’m hiding away), but however genetically blessed one may be, nature can always do with a helping hand. In the photo above, the smooth tone is partly thanks to This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle.

It contains vitamins C & E, plus arnica, all of which help to promote healthy skin, even out skin tone and diminish bruising – obviously you’d need to use it regularly to see the benefit from this cocktail, but its genius comes in the touch of sun kissed glow that this tinted lotion brings.

Unlike so very many of the leg potions on the market, this one isn’t loaded with such an excess of light-reflecting particles and shimmer that you look as though you’d been tripping through a flippin’ fairy tea party. What it gives you is a great, even look with a hint of colour for those of us whose default skin tone is morgue.  Think of it as a very lightweight makeup for the legs, gently masking bumps, bruises and various imperfections, without feeling heavy, cloying or looking obvious.

It helps that This Works was launched by ex-Vogue beauty maven Kathy Philips, one of the fiercest and strictest editors around. She does not f**k around, and  I have always trusted her professional opinion implicitly. So I trust her products. I also like that This Works products are free from phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours and fragrances, parabens, GMO’s and mineral oils and are not tested on animals.


This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle 120ml A not inconsiderable £36 from but it’s a pretty big bottle.

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sounds like a good product.

And love the shoes 🙂 x


Nice legs honey – enough to make me dash to Boots right this minute….Ta Ta x


love this post but ehh. need to find it in Poland or need to find it on e-store shipping to Poland. any reccommendations for that?


@Madeleine: They ship it internationally through their own website although it’s not cheap.


I have tried some of her other products and really rate them.


There is £5 off This Works products with the voucher in the Boots magazine, valid until the end of June.


That sounds like a great product…
Thank YOU!
Take care.


Thanks for the post, will definitely take a look at this product now.x


thanks so much for the tip, this is a great product. My legs were in desperate need of some luxe TLC after parting-company-with-my-mountainbike-bruises ready for a swanky soiree next week. This has done the trick!! xx


holy shit. why did it take so long for a product like this to be invented?

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