(Leon’s Original Superfood Salad)

I’m asked a lot where I eat in London & can never remember off the cuff. So I’ve decided to start occasionally posting on LLG. Not restaurant reviews per se, and certainly not endless food porn shots of my meals. (I wanted to THROTTLE the pair of food bloggers on the table right next to us at Da Polpo last week with their penis extension camera lenses, whirry motor drive and endless snapping from every angle of each dish for the duration of their meal.) Just an account of the atmosphere and general liking (or not). Here’s two places I haunt, and one I visited a few months back & liked.


Lunch on the hoof in London for me is synonymous with Leon. All I want to eat year round is their Original Superfood Salad. In winter I crave vitamins, and in summer I want its zingy fresh taste. Sure, I can make it myself (the recipe is here on LLG), but nothing beats the real thing.

Dean Street Townhouse

It serves up fantastic breakfasts, & properly wonderful afternoon tea, so it’s no surprise that in the eighteen months it’s been open, the restaurant part of this hotel in a newly-renovated Georgian building (from the Soho House group), has become the meeting place of choice for London’s fashion people, and I eat here two or three times a week at the invitation of publicists and editors. But I’m still not convinced by the food in the evening, which is pretty formulaic (and my sister was put off steak for weeks after a piece so gristly that even Posetta Baddog looked at her doggy bag askance.)

But food quite clearly isn’t the point: it’s the only restaurant that I considered booking for supper with one of my most glamorous New York fashion friends when she was over recently…To me it’s a London Waverly Inn: reliable, unexciting food and le tout London in perma-residence…plus the bar which runs almost the length of the restaurant is a proper New York one. A place to nurse a drink, eat appetisers & check out the crowd. It helps me not miss Manhattan quite so much.

Aqua Kyoto


I was first taken to Aqua Kyoto for a lunch meeting with its publicist. As it opened during my time in New York, I had no prior knowledge but, given that most Japanese restaurants in London are small cramped rooms, I wasn’t expecting a vast top floor space, with a beautiful terrace overlooking central London.


The food was fresh & delicious, & I can’t think of a better place to lunch during the heat of the summer (it was almost empty when we were there in March), and maybe for a dressed-up evening out with girlfriends. I shall definitely be back to check if I was right on both counts.

Aqua Kyoto on Urbanspoon Leon on Urbanspoon

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Aqua is fantastic. Its original chain is actually in Hong Kong and opened quite a few years ago, serving Japanese and Italian rather than the Japanese and Spanish (tapas) served at the London chain. The Hong Kong one overlooks the harbour and I’ve heard the views are spectacular! And you’re right about the London one being great for drinks on a night out 🙂


Thanks for the reviews! Always on the lookout for new restaurants!


Mmm. Looks nice. Portion size looks a little on the small side though…


That seafood salad looked wonderful!!!…I know what you mean in the summer I craze crunch…

Take Care…


Oh dear. Please don’t think that all food bloggers are like that with cameras in restaurants. Most of us take a very discreet and speedy photo with a small camera, over in seconds. Giant SLR’s should always stay at home. Time should be spent enjoying the food and company, not trying to get a brilliant photo.

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