If you follow me on Twitter, than you’ll know that lil’sis went off to Miami for a week’s R&R with some old friends (she worked there for two years), and I had sole custody of P-Bad. She clearly felt strongly about Lil’sis’ departure as she kept jumping in the suitcase I was packing for lil’sis and staring at me mournfully.

Fortunately, that was just an act because the moment she was ensconced chez LLG the little f**ker went into overdrive. I was sitting on my bed next day taking a work ‘phone call when I realised there was a terrible continuous & high-pitched squeaking wail coming from the other side of the apartment. (P Bad can’t bark, only squeak.)

I found P Bad staring at the front of the washing machine. When she wants anything out of reach she adopts the dachsie fixed stare of death and wails at her chosen object. And it can be absolutely anything. (She spent months squeaking at lil’sis’ bureau until I got so bored that I opened it up and lifted P Bad inside it. Turned out she was fixated on a dachsie-handled mug resting on the top that I had bought lil’sis.)

Anyway this time it was because she is obsessed with the dryer balls lil’sis uses. The fact that I don’t have any is beside the point. She had found a washing machine and therefore, she reasoned, there must be dryer balls inside it. Just for her. Clearly.


So I opened the door to show her: no dryer balls there.


I hadn’t bargained for stage two. Hello bottom. Note the blur  – that is her tail quivering with anticipatory joy:


“What? No dryer balls? Mummy LLG this is WRONG. Clearly you have hidden them and I must investigate further”


She gave up at this point, jumped out and wandered off to chew some tennis balls instead.


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I really like the shot of her peering out of the machine – glad she was in and out of there so quickly.


omg, she’s so lovely! 🙂 & great photos 😀


I love posetta baddog! god she must be trouble to actually keep entertained and satisfied though!


Omg the cute:):) a pat for p-dog for making me smile :):):)


Oh god, she’s adorable, she really is. What a butter-wouldn’t-melt face.

The kid deserves her own show.



Nothing cuter!!!


Oh my! P-bad is just enchanting… that little silky-fuzzy head 🙂 We have a little, scruffy dog at our house too; can’t imagine life without her.


this post is absolutely amazing… it made me smile so much 🙂


This is incredibly cute and funny. Felt a little frightened when he jumped in the washing machine.


Haha that’s hilarious!! Love that she actually jumped into the washing machine! Dogs can be so quirky, especially little ones. Hope she’s not too much trouble for you 🙂


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