I love this portrait of Tara, my dear, dear friend and her, can you believe, infant number three, baby Abe?  Altho I think she looks like perfection, she wishes you to know that she is 10lbs lighter now. Pshaw.

Anyway, the reason why she went all whimsical in the hair accessory department is because she was dressing in the spirit of the North London Vintage Market. I took the photo over tea after our successful morning rootling around the church hall in Crouch End where it is held.


Granted, Crouch End is a pain in the butt to get to without a car if you live miles away, as it lacks a tube station, but if you are in the vicinity then I urge you to go. It is ace.

IMG_0837 IMG_0847
IMG_0840 IMG_0849

The nxt one takes place next Saturday, with over 20 stalls, including a portion of traders from Spitalfields Antique Market. As you can see from our last visit, there are vintage homeware, fabrics, mid-century ceramics, furniture, clothing & accessories, books, prints, kitchenalia and curiosities galore.

I was very restrained – I nearly bought a basin & ewer – and came away with only a toast rack and a glass jug. I can’t remember what I paid, but I know it was less than a tenner for the both of them, and the jug is now filled with my Meadham Kirchoff peonies on the dressing table in my bedroom.  (I like toast racks for when I have lots of people around for brunch – I do not like soggy toast leaning against the milk jug. Clearly I am turning into my mother.)

IMG_0056 IMG_0058

Saturday June 4th. 10-4.30pm
St Mary’s Parish Hall, Cranley Gardens / Park Road, Crouch End, London, N10 3AH
Admission £1.50. Accompanied children free.

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Your in good company, Delia swears by a toast rack to avoid soggy toast!


Shows how observant i am i live just across the road from this and never even noticed it existed, i will buy a toast rack in your honour next sat.
Thanks for the heads up.


This looks perfect- going to try and get me there before going to Bushstock music festival later on Saturday


I have to go there! Especially as it is not far from home!

Thanks for sharing!


ooh – loving the white plates with roses on in the top right pic.


There’s something very satisfying about finding gorgeous and useful things in these flea market atmospheres. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s the only one there and you’ve found it Yipee! or being surrounded by history or the anticipation of not really knowing what you will find as you approach each table or the bargain hunter in all of us filled with joy. Maybe it’s all those reasons!


Tara looks smashing, tell her I said so. If youlike vintage LLG, you need to visit Mela mela in Teddington High Street. You would love Teddy btw, its got alot of charm. I would recommend the following- Mela Mela, TCS, ( really superb should feature in your blog) Gillian a million, The wedding dress ( just in case, ha) follwed by fairycakes at the italian cafe across from the Royal mail, or a builders brekkie and mug of tea at the coffee mill ( aptly named, hmm) time permitting u might make it down to the other end of the high street too while you’re at it and pay a visit to attic in hampton hill. or visit vidatherapy on church street and have a 30 minute massage table massage ( ask or lynn) and if u need company, holler. – your truly, expat girl in London

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