Recipe Friday: Asparagus, Feta cheese, grilled mushroom, avocado & herb wrap

by Sasha Wilkins on May 28, 2011 · 17 comments

Asparagus, Feta cheese, grilled mushroom, avocado & herb wrap

Firstly: apologies for ballsing up Recipe Friday yesterday – life rather ran away with me, and so I am now going to make sure my recipes are drafted in advance so I never miss a day. Anyway, yesterday’s was going to be my almond cake with blueberries, or maybe my almond & vanilla cupcakes with 70% chocolate buttercream frosting, (I have been experimenting with almond meal)  but I have just made a scratch lunch from the fridge (whilst resisting the temptation to just eat pitta & houmus as per), and it was really very good, so that’s what’s here today.

These are so quick & easy, the perfect lunch really. They are simply a tortilla filled with steamed asparagus, crumbled Feta cheese, fried mushrooms and avocado, with chives from my windowsill pot.  It’s the combination of textures that makes this work, so you can always sub ingredients. Any kind of soft  cheese would work and, whilst it’s asparagus season so it’s cheap and delicious right now,  you could play around with sticks of cucumber or grilled courgette (zucchini), maybe steamed French beans. Anything with a crunch.

Here’s how to make a simple lunch for one person:

So, take two frying pans – mine are both tiny, medium wld have been better but no matter. In one swirl some olive oil and heat. In the other put half an inch of water and heat.

Slice 3 or 4 large-ish white mushrooms thickly and add to pan when oil is hot. Fry them until soft and then season with black pepper and a sprinkle of Maldon salt

When the water in the other pan  is boiling add  some asparagus spears – I  prep by just breaking off the woody ends.  I used 8, but mine were so thin as to almost be sprue (baby asparagus), so use your judgement. If you have those big fat spears you prob only need say 3. Cover the frying pan and cook till soft – this will be very quick, so keep an eye on them.

Once the mushrooms are cooked, reserve them, and place the tortilla/wrap  in the pan. The residual heat will soften it and make it easier to roll.  I used a multigrain tortilla, hence the funny speckles.

When the tortilla is soft smear over half a small avocado and crumble over your feta. (A little goes a surprisingly long way.) If you smear over the entire wrap it will be almost impossible to roll.

Asparagus, Feta cheese, grilled mushroom, avocado & herb wrap

Then add your mushrooms. I then snipped over THE FIRST CHIVES FROM MY TERRACE GARDEN. Not that I am excited by that or anything. Other herbs would be nice here: you cld try thyme, or flat leaf parsley instead.

Asparagus, Feta cheese, grilled mushroom, avocado & herb wrap

Then add your asparagus, and roll up your parcel. Then take a VERY sharp non-serrated knife (if it’s blunt you’ll just end up sawing through and your  filling will squish out the sides) and cut into pieces. So pretty. Like English sushi.


Devour whilst making sure the dog doesn’t steal any if your back is turned for an instant. Hurrumph.

fresh herbs
Soft cheese
Ripe avocado
White mushrooms
Medium tortilla or wrap
Olive oil
Maldon salt
Freshly ground black pepper

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