(Shoes by Michael van der Ham for Topshop – details & link below.)

I am not known for my love of work events & parties. On one hand it is always good to see friends and old colleagues, but on the other it is essentially work when you are attending these things, which rather takes the thrill away. But before you mark me down as a jaded hack, I will add that fashion & beauty industry shindigs do have their own particular frisson: they are always held in glamorous venues, with lots to drink and delicious bits and pieces to snaffle off trays usually held by exceptionally good looking waiters. (The guys at the launch of the Jo Malone fragrance yesterday were truly a wonder to behold.) There’s usually some celeb stardust and excellent gossip to pick up.

On Wednesday I had quite specific plans which were completely kiboshed by my current four legged house guest, whose propensity for climbing into the washing machine means I leave it in the house at my peril. So I stuffed P Bad under my arm, grabbed my new Louboutins, and drove to Oxford Circus for the Topshop Secret Store party.

Tucked away in a corner by the Denim Bar is a pop up Wild at Heart flowers stall,


and behind it, through a small door is a secret shop containing all manner of limited edition loveliness, from Emma Cook lingerie to Nazir Mazhar’s beautiful floral embellished headdresses. The shoes above are inspired by Michael van der Ham’s LFW SS11 runway show, and they are displayed in a glass cabinet like the things of beauty they are. AND they are an affordable £95 here, as well as in the Secret Store.


For those of you who emailed me a year or so ago asking if the animals-of-Farthing-Wood-on-crack headpieces from the Katy Grand-styled Topshop Unique AW10 show were going into production (they weren’t), there is good-ish news. Some of the show hats are for sale in the Secret Store, as above. Unfortunately they are £500 a pop. Ouch.

After my show around (thank you Andrew), I left bearing a Meadham Kirchoff designed posy of carnations, roses & peonies and headed to the Azzaro boutique opening on Mount Street, where I caught up with friends and stole foie gras canapes to feed to P Bad, who was waiting patiently in my car outside.

I did try to go to Harvey Nichols for what we heard was a very splendid party for Lily Allen’s Lucy in Disguise collection, but there was a snafu with invitation timings and we were half an hour early. No matter – I spoke to the pulchritudinous publicists manning the door, explained that the naughty dog’s presence in my motor outside meant I had a 15 minute time limit at each event, and hopped it to Regent’s Park for an hour of advanced ball throwing in the gathering light.

I was under the fond illusion that this would exhaust her so much that she would not wake me at 4am by jumping on my head. Well, I was right. She waited a whole hour to wake me at 5am instead.

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I love P-Bad, I think I’m her biggest fan 🙂

Reply Aw… I just told her she got fan mail and she approves! LLGxx


You know its funny you should say that as my pugs have been waking earlier than usual 5.30 as opposed to 6.30 am, Groan. I wondered if it was lighter than usual mornings or particulaly bird tweety these days? Mmm (thinks)
Just the need to cuddle maybe, they sleep in thier own room, downstairs, and P Bad bunks in with you doesn’t she?


@janie: Yup. She believes it is her birthright to go down duvet. Spoilt. LLGxx

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