A few weeks ago lil’s sis & I took Posetta Baddog on a Friday afternoon outing in the car to a more salubrious part of London, where the air is altogether more rarified, and the streets cleaner. Madam clearly approved as she hopped out of the car, sniffed the air and trotted with purpose towards Elizabeth Street and her emporium of choice – dog mecca Mungo & Maud.


There are pet shops and then there are pet shops. Mungo & Maud is firmly in the latter camp: this is where smart dogs come to be fitted out in cashmere and tweed coats (no pink nylon T shirts or spangles sully this shop floor), find organic dog treats, sensible collars and delicious smelling unguents to perfume their fur.


IMG_0652 IMG_0657

Not being fans of the Barbie school of canine accoutrements, we’ve always loved Mungo & Maud. But not as much as PB who immediately felt more than at home, as she gleefully investigated each corner, basket and bowl.

IMG_0655 IMG_0758

In the photos she is modelling several varieties of dog coat – it’s really hard to find coats that fit the long bodies of dachshunds and both the Mungo & Maud sweaters and coats fitted her really well. I suspect that whatever the size of dog you could find a solution here.

IMG_0733 IMG_0659

This is a dog who would be able to find a tennis ball on the surface of the moon, so the presence of buckets of balls, toys and bones whipped her into paroxysms of joy.

IMG_0789 IMG_0808

Look at that tail go! She managed to wrestle a rubber bone and a new lead from the very, very forebearing shop. For me that’s another thing that sets Mungo & Maud apart: the staff are beyond charming and tolerant, feeding PB snackettes and and generally letting her run amok.

IMG_0795 IMG_0725

On the way home PB managed to steal her bag of organic carrot treats from the M&M carrier bag. Result: one happy dog.

IMG_0806 IMG_0818

And her new very smart lead (thank you Mungo & Maud!)


The store can be found at:
79 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PJ
T: 44 (0) 20 7022 1208

They are also in Harrods and available at www.mungoandmaud.com

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I don’t even have a dog and I’m seduced by the look of that shop! x


Ooh, I think I need to take the terrier for an outing. Though he is very badly behaved in pet shops…(cocks his leg at every opportunity…)

Lovely pictures! xx


@Helena Halme: Thanks Helena. I get the impression that they are used to allcomers! LLGxx


Absolutely ADORABLE – especially the first picture. Loving that lead – beaucoup plus chic than the nasty nylon ones in primary colours that you usually find in pet shops. And the cashmere sweater too – my dog Biff also has a long body so I’ll be checkign this out on my next visit to London



@mimi pompom: oooh Biff would look just splendid in one of those sweaters. Not cheap, but investment-worthy. LLGxx


i’ve just stumbled across this page…. i ordered that very same pink cashmere jumper for my mini wire-hair dachshund! What size did you get for her? I’ve ordered the 25cm one for Poppy as she’s only about 8lbs but i fear i may have to send it back and get the 30cm.

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