Last summer when I was recuperating from a hospital stay, I was sent some beauty products to try from Ila. Within a week I was hooked on the Face Oil for Glowing Radiance – as was Clare with whom I was staying.

Never has our skin looked so supple, so glowing. Not only did my grey hospital face disappear, but the heavenly smell was extraordinarily restorative. Massage is very good for both the skin and the mind, and the twice-daily ritual of massaging this into my face was both calming and restorative. Completely pure, free of chemicals and preservatives, it contains nourishing essential oil of damascena rose otto, and argan oil and rosehip seed oil, which are high in anti-oxidants and fatty acids to fight wrinkles and help skin cells to regenerate.


Ila (Sanskrit for earth) was founded on ‘beyond organic’ principles by Denise Leicester, a qualified nurse, aromatherapist, yoga teacher and yogic healer, who has sourced ingredients that are either organic or purer than organic. She believes her company’s infrastructure – from petal to product – functions at the most ethical, sustainable and nourishing level possible. (You can read more about her ethos here.)

Having loved the oil so much, (and having managed to prise the bottle out of Clare’s fingers). I was thrilled when more of the range landed on my doorstep back in January. As you may know, I don’t like to write about anything until I’ve tested it thoroughly and I can now report back that the rest of the products that I tried are equally as good.


The Day Cream for Glowing Radiance really was a skin-saver during London Fashion Week. Tired and over-worked, my skin began to feel almost sunburnt through stress, so each morning and evening I would slather a layer of this incredibly healing cream on my face and neck and feel the taut, painful feeling melt away.

I had to wait a while to try the Bath Salts for Inner Peace, as I have a wet room with no bath at home, but once I did, a twenty minute soak in hot water, dosed with these Himalayan salt crystals and scented with an essential oil blend of rosa damascena, sandalwood, jasmine, citronellol & geraniol, was enough to make me sleep the sleep of the just.


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These products sound very refreshing…Thank you for sharing the information…

Take Care…


Love the look of these products but they feel expensive. I’ve a young kid and it’s hard to justify the extra spend. If you were paying for them yourself, would you still buy them over cheaper brands such as Weleda or Dr Hauschka?


I’m very interested in facial oils now that I can (eek!) start to see signs og ageing on my skin. My Mother has the most lovely non lined English skin and I thought I was going to follow but I don’t know if it’s the city or genes but despite never being a sun lover and wearing spf I’ve got more lines than she did at my age. I have dry skin so I’m thinking a facial oil might do more for me than moisturiser


The last time you wrote about a face product, I bought it on the spot. And now this! I’m hooked on rose-based products. The comment above me mentions Weleda and Dr. Hauschka and I have and use borth of those, plus a Ren serum. I am convinced about the softening and the reinvigorating properties of rose; it works like nothing else. No jar of $400.00 Guerlain orchid cream can touch it.

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