I spent Saturday lunchtime scarfing up paneer masala dosa in Little India, and nosing around a boutique hotel (more of this later), before spending the afternoon comatose. I am not adapting at all well to jet lag, waking at 4am every morning and sleeping in the afternoons. On the upside I get a lot of work done whilst London is closed & my email is silent.

Managing to crawl from my bed at 6pm to dress for Erdem’s show, the second night highlight of the festival, I headed to Orchard. Of course I had already seen the collection in London but this time, in a front row seat so close I could practically touch the clothes, I got to really concentrate on the exquisite workmanship, exacting cut and deliriously beautiful prints (all of which are designed by Erdem himself).

And it wasn’t just me raving afterwards: the Asian journalists were spellbound too, justfying the decision to bring Erdem over to show here.


IMG_0012 IMG_0002


And then to the St Regis-hosted private after-dinner for Erdem, where the floral designers had created a garden fantasy to evoke Erdem’s blissful prints:

IMG_0027 IMG_0031

And then home to my hotel around midnight before jetlag caused me to pass out in public.

If you’d like more Erdem, here’s our story & photographs backstage at Erdem’s SS11 show in London.

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I absolutely love the first dress : ) I’ve always maintained if I ever married it wouldn’t be in white/off white but in some variation of red. It’s beautiful. The only thing that makes me sad about floor length numbers such as that beauty is that they’re not designed with ladies who are 5ft 3 in mind. But I love the idea of how fitted it is : ) Nice report..x


Travelling again? You lucky devil!!!

The Erdem show looks amazing. And I agree with Yasmin above – the red dress is simply to die for!!!


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