Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Do Me a Flavour £11
The perfect shade of summery sock-it-to-em bright orange. Immensely cheering and looks great with brown legs. As seen above in the sand at Tanjong Beach Club in Singapore today. (And no, I did not apply it – I took it to the nail salon with me.)

Topshop Kohl in Slate £4
I believe I may have found the Holy Grail of eyeliners. In a pencil no less. For four quid. As a firm advocate of the liquid & gel eyeliner school, I have never understood the attraction of pencils. They’re always too hard, too precise. I’ve read all the advice about softening them blah blah blah but that’s just way too much faff for me.

And then along comes this one, which is soft – but not too soft, glides on like a dream, and smudges for a lovely soft, flattering look. (Liquid eyeliner can sometimes be a bit harsh on a) blondes & b) on thirtysomethings.) I’ve already lost the one the PR gave me and replaced it myself. But at £4 that’s no hardship. Bargain of the month if you ask me.

Clinique Lash Power Long Wearing Formula Mascara in 01 Black Onyx £15
Using that clever tube technology, it really does lengthen lashes. This is one to use for a very precise, very fine effect as it’s lengthening not thickening without being spidery. It gives a clever natural look. And it looks convincing on a blonde who normally wears brown mascara. But best of all it stays on for the promised 24hrs – and here in the humidity of Singapore even after a night eating outside, there are no panda eyes here.

Francois Nars Lip Gloss in Wonder £17.50
I loathe lip gloss. Hate the way it feels, hate the way my hair sticks to it. Imagine my glee when I realised that, as with the Topshop Kohl pencil above, I may finally have found the Holy Grail of lip glosses. This one is a lovely sheer orange, described s a mandarin orange with a shimmer but which translates to a fab warm glow on the lips, which is just about perfect for summer.

Somehow it’s not tacky so my hair doesn’t seem magnetically attracted – (but I’m not saying wear this on a windy day). It also seems to last forever. I chomped my way through a sandwich the other day, then glanced in a mirror a while later and honestly couldn’t work out why my lips looked so sort of plumply pretty (without lipstick I have no colour in them). It had stayed on, somehow losing the gloss, but keeping the moisturising effect and colour.

Oh and it doesn’t taste of some revolting faux fruit flavour. It tastes of precisely nothing. Truly a miracle lip product.

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