St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel grand opening, London, Britain - 05 May 2011

It was all go go go on Thursday night: I finished my first styling day for Club Monaco at Browns on South Molton Street at 7pm, and then whizzed off to King’s Cross for the huge opening party of the St Pancras Renaissance hotel, followed by a dash to Sketch for the (very good) intimate party to celebrate the re-launch of Esquire UK, under new editor Alex Bilmes.

Sketch was packed with what surely must have been every senior fashion publicist in London plus obligatory credible faces (Lily Allen, Burberry boy Douglas Booth etc) and, after four years out of England, it felt like I was walking into a room filled with everyone I have ever met in my entire UK magazine career.

It was a very different beast of an event from the extravaganza going on at the St Pancras Renaissance up the road.  As we arrived, there was a full male acapella choir out front singing Thriller, photographers in a snapping frenzy and lines of eager guests jostling for entry.

I was tempted by the promise of the grandiose interiors, and R wanted to see the grand staircase where The Spice Girls gyrated in Wannabe…fortunately following a £150million renovation, it’s just as extraordinarily gothic & gold-leafed inside as we had hoped. Betjeman called the building “too beautiful and too romantic to survive” amongst the ever rising concrete tower blocks of the capital, (he led a successful protest in the 1960s to save it from demolition), and it remains a classic piece of High Victorian architecture punctuating the rather grim King’s Cross skyline.

We drank Perrier-Jouet and astonishingly found ourselves gravitating towards this section of the party,

IMG_0247 IMG_0246

(a most nutritious supper as I think you’ll agree), before hopping off to Sketch. (We missed Jamie Cullum’s set & the arrival of Ed Westwick.)

The hotel is now open, as is Marcus Wareing’s restaurant within, The Gilbert Scott. It’s all well worth a visit…


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I am so incredibly envious of the St Pancras launch! I haven’t been so excited about a hotel opening since…well, ever actually. Will start saving the pennies now.


Wonderful post, am in London for 5 whole days for work (probably first time in 10 years since leaving the capital) so will have to make a trippet up to St Pancreas for a nosey if time permits. Looks incredible!


St Pancras is giving me a whole entire reason just to visit London and stay over, even though I’m only 2 hours away.


I love what they’ve done to St Pancras – looks like a fabulous party!


Loving what St Pancras looks like now! Is beautiful! Service is great aslo!

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