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Please forgive the smuggery of this post: obviously I’m feeling very pleased with myself for putting the house of Alexander McQueen on my betting list back in November last year, at a time when everyone else was saying not even in the stadium, let alone the car park.

I analysed the choices being talked about, reminded readers that HRH the Duchess of Cambridge’s (then future) step-sister-in-law, the fashion writer Sara Buys, wife of the Duchess of Cornwall’s son Tom Parker-Bowles, was married in a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress, and said “The house’s wedding dresses would be a wonderful choice, suffused as they are with British heritage.” (My final betting list was a) a specialist wedding designer b) Jasper Conran & c) Alexander McQueen).

So many people making wild assumptions about The Dress designer made the most bizarre suggestions (Vera Wang! Armani! Issa!) and the very few that mentioned McQueen discounted the house out of hand, focusing only on the show spectacles and runway pieces, without really looking at the craftsmanship, its exclusive but thriving bridal business making ravishing gowns and, most of all, Alexander McQueen’s (RIP) fascination with the history & craftsmanship of the British Isles which formed the backbone of his work and made the house so very appropriate for a Royal wedding dress.

When The Sunday Times broke its bloody amazing world exclusive on the identity of the dress designer back on 06 March of this year, BBC producers doing Googling found out I was one of the only hacks out there to have mentioned McQueen as a forerunner, and so I put my money where my mouth is and accepted their dozens of invitations to talk on BBC TV & radio about (what I considered to be) the strong possibility of it being McQueen.

It was a professional risk, but both my gut and the fact that not-stupid-at-all Tiffanie Darke, editor of The Sunday Times Style section and an extremely astute journalist, had written a front page leader saying that she & her team 100% believed from direct sources that Sarah Burton to be designing the dress decided it for me.

So, yes, I count myself massively lucky to have fallen on the right side of the very fine line dividing smugly accurate and massive public egg-on-face…

And GOODNESS wasn’t the dress flawless? FLAWLESS. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen got it exactly right.

Part two coming up shortly.

The Official Royal Wedding photographs

Photos from the Official Monarchy Flickr feed

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I didn’t think it was that absurd of a guess when I read your post all those months ago! I’m glad it turned out this way, egg on face is not glamorous. However, that dress is STUNNING and the photos will look timeless.



It was just perfect wasn’t it, elegant and graceful and the embroidery was wondeful! Nice one for calling it, enjoy the nice warm feeling of being smug 🙂


Congrats on getting it right! I was completely clueless, would never have thought it would have been McQueen. She looked perfect, they both did. XX


It was stunning and perfectly suited to her and to the occasion. Well done on getting it right!

Every time I see that official portrait I really want to smooth out that skirt! Someone should’ve noticed that.


the wedding was soo gorgeous!


The dress was perfect!


So many people I know (who don’t follow fashion at all) have said this weekend that McQueen was the most popular guess for the dress. It’s probably petty that it gets under my skin but I do find myself thinking “it was not, shut up”. But good on you for picking right. Though I was uncertain, I did have my fingers crossed for McQueen. (And crossed even tighter for Vivienne Westwood, which I knew would be a bit too wild for such an event).


This is the reason why I continually read your blog. Not because you were right…although you were, but your information broken down to someone who aspires to be informed about fashion and lifestyle is simple yet enlightened. Thank you!
McQueen, what a choice! I’m proud of Kate for choosing McQueen. Like you said I thought his controversy of his death would scare her off, but it was pitch perfect.
P.S.–I loved your tweets the day of the wedding almost as much as the ceremony itself.


I just read that a piece of blue ribbon was sewn into the lining of Kate’s dress, and remembered this long-ago Vogue piece on wedding dresses where they said it (the ribbon) was something the house did for every wedding dress they made.

And like I said before, I eat my words -my strike against McQueen doing the dress was the late designer’s own antics with Prince Charles’s suit lining, how wrong I was. You really stuck to your guns on this one, LLG – I’m so glad you were right.


Well done! Didn’t she look absolutely stunning? Note perfect in every way.

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