I was grumping around on Twitter because I couldn’t make it to Coachella this year with my bf the ever-anon Wardrobe Slave, so she decided to torture me by filing a guest blog for LLG, just to show me what I was missing. Thanks lovely!

I’ve been going to Coachella for a while now and, as LLG reported on her trip with me to the festival two years ago in 2009, the style statements on show are pretty much limited to denim cut-offs and bikini tops. Justifiable, given the 33 degree weather, but a bit boring for those used to Glastonbury. (I was amused by the fact that anyone stylish that I did approach to snap was English.)

Sorry my States-side brethren, but you need to pull your style socks up! (I’m allowed to say this because I am American.)

By now lovely LLG readers, you will have seen plenty of celeb-tastic Coachella snaps, but there is far more on offer here than just celeb-spotting & (splendid) Mulberry parties: Coachella is best known not only for the excellent line-up and ubiquitous art installations but for being the most civilised festival on the summer circuit.

Its proximity to excellent 4 & 5 star hotels means comfy beds, hot showers, & mimosa buffets, all within easy reach of the festival. For those who feel they have outgrown the need for tents and staying unwashed for three days without giving up on the festival scene altogether I highly suggest a trip to Palm Springs next year.

photo 1

This is the festival for those with young families: you can park yourself out at your hotel pool during the day so the little ones can romp, jump and dive-bomb to their hearts content and then bumble over to the festival about tea time (there is a great bus shuttle service which runs ever few minutes, which means grown ups can drink without worrying/arguing as to who has to stay dry in order to drive home). Furthermore, as the extensive grassed over Polo fields where the festival takes place are flat, this is the most buggy-friendly venue I have ever seen.

photo 2

I was particularly taken by this festival goer in the making who did rather well in the style stakes at only 6.

photo 4

Now I would be remiss in not mentioning some of my highlights from the 150 bands that took to the stage over the past weekend:

Duran Duran – the white tux for a View to a Kill was a lovely touch and the set had just the right amount of nostalgia for me without making me ill.

Brandon Flowers – the solo stuff was good and the final numbers with the Killers made for a reunion of the headliners of two years ago. Great on the smaller stage. (I remember dancing with LLG the first time round like complete maniacs.)

Mumford & Sons – I am biased as they are a favourite. After the Hop Farm Festival last year this must have been one of their largest gigs to date and they killed it.

Chromeo – fun and far exceeded expectations. Sadly that was not the case for Crystal Castles for whom I had high hopes.

Honourable mentions:

She Wants Revenge
Neon Trees
Tinie Tempah
The Felice Brothers
The Kills (although their first Coachella effort was better)
And the Two Door Cinema Club

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I was at Coachella as well and thought the fashion comparison to English festivals was actually a bit poor. The amount of girls getting around the festival in just a bikini was a bit worrying (although of course the males at the festival loved it). I agree though – very civilised!


That’s a festival I really, really want to make myself too one year, so I share and endorse your grumpiness!!

Good choice of bands. Simon Felice’s other band ‘ The Duke and the King’ are brilliant too and well worth seeing gig. I would love to see Duran Duran live too, I got a tiny tweet from Simon le Bon the other day and it made my day. Amusingly, I only got into them when I was about 19. Hated them as a kid!! x


Thanks for this summary, so bummed i wasn’t there….


amazing post, i really like it! nice to meet your blog!



Really wish I could have been there, although I have got a few festivals planned, so will just need to start thinking about the all important festival wardrobe!!

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