I ran this post last year, but I love these photographs so much that I am running it again. The image to the left was taken in 1945. In it my maternal grandmother, now dead, is holding my mother, who was born three days before VJ Day and christened Victoria.

Lil’sis & I are children of the seventies and I love these photographs. The first is me & Muv in the driveway of the house in which I grew up in Smarden, Kent.

(I spent my entire childhood reading books way too old for me, & I distinctly remember having a thing about curtseying for a while. I was quite odd.)

Sasha & Mummy

This is Muv & lil’sis outside our house on Elfindale Road in Dulwich, London, just before we moved to Kent.

Mummy & Holly pram

Thank you Muv. For everything.You’re ace.

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Cute Sash


Aw Sasha your Mum was a beautiful girl, and you’ve grown up so much like her to look at.
I love looking at old family photos, my Mum and Dad at their wedding in 1962 resembled a skinny Tony Curtis and behived Elizabeth Taylor, so cute in her powder blue pencil skirt suit, they were both only in their early twenties.


You look so much like your Mother. Both beautiful!

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