Truthfully, in all my years in fash-on, I never once thought to aspire to designing a window for an A list fashion house. I mean, why would that occur to me? So consider me still utterly dumbfounded by the entire experience of not only dressing my four mannequins whilst a full-scale, full-on evening fashion party raged about me, but of wandering down Bond Street to see both my name and that of my blog IN THE WINDOW. Twice. And, not only that, a video screen in said window, showing photos of me on repeat in various outfits – and with Posetta Baddog. Surreal was never more apt a description.

I didn’t get to drink any of this at the window-dressing party on Thursday evening.

Screen shot 2011-04-02 at 20.35.58

But better than that: I had my own rail with my url printed thereupon. I was sorely tempted to leg it, wheeling the prized rail down the street towards Piccadilly, but the banks of paparazzi a foot away from the front door were rather off-putting.


We were six bloggers in all, but we couldn’t have done it without our crack team of Dolce & Gabbana dressers, (photo below) who carried our rail pulls, ferreted out the right sizes and actually got the clothes on the mannequins. (Have you EVER tried dressing one? Don’t even attempt it would be my advice. The arms have a tendency to fall off at just the wrong moment. I nearly brained a photographer who got too close to my frenzied styling.)

Screen shot 2011-04-02 at 20.35.12

I could have done without the zillion cameras in my face every minute, (there were people outside on the pavement, cameraphone filming our every move through the windows, paps everywhere, plus one poor guy whose sole job all evening was to document my indecision), but I really did love the whole event.

Especially because so many lovely industry friends kept pitching up for the party, which caused my long-suffering dressers even more stress than my twenty minute no-idea-what-to-choose-delay in choosing clothes did, as I kept getting distracted by wanting to stop to talk as I beetled around in search of elusive inspiration. (Thank you Colin, Dixon & Emily in partic for the encouragement.)

Apparently there were interesting people running wild in the store, but I didn’t see anyone in my pinning/draping/styling frenzy, and it’s a good thing Alexandra Burke, Katie Grand, Jasmine Guinness et al didn’t venture over to my window as clobbering one of them with a dropped plastic mannequin arm would so not be the way to go.

I crawled off home about 9, after three of the most exhilarating & exhaustingly self-indulgent hours, on a Dolce & Gabbana high, which I think I might still be on.

Thank you Paolo, Stefano & Domenico. It was a blast. xx

Screen shot 2011-04-02 at 20.33.37

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Is that the Erdem dress? You look amazing. Wish I could drive past those windows. Hope your mama was proud of you.


Well Done love! It looks really good, makes me wanna stop by and get all got up in D&G! Jx


So proud of you! This is HUGE.
Big kiss,



Thank you love – I still can’t quite get my head around it! LLGxx


Oooh so exciting, how on earth did you focus? I see the Telegraph wrote it up as well – another huge spike for you!

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