I’m rather loving’s jaunty little book: 100 Things you NEED to know this season! And that’s not just because I contributed no 31: Geek Chic.


The whole thing is a perfect primer for the new season, and proves that, even for this hardcore digital addict, sometimes it is rather nice just to have something tangible in your hot sticky paws that you can browse, Post-it, and dip into. The best way to describe it is as Lucky magazine for grown-ups.

And, even more cleverly, they have melded print & digital by investing in CLIC2C technology which means smartphone users can download the CLIC2C app, open it, take a photo of a piece they like in the book and immediately be taken to a web browser where they can shop & watch fashion films. Neat, as my American cousins would say. have done a fabulous re-launch under the banner ‘Everyday Luxury’, and I love that the price points hover not around the stratospheric ‘if only I had a zillion dollar clothing budget’ mark, but the ‘hmm…if I stop buying multiples of low rent fast fashion looks that last half a season and look cheap, I could actually afford to buy those shoes/that dress/these earrings’ arena.

To that end, I’ve done a quick edit of pieces I’m lusting after over on LLG Recommends: Fashion Buys & Accessories Buys.

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Cant wait to have a good look through the book for inspiration!


ooooooooooooo, this will be my new favorite coffee table book/Bible.
Em x


Geek chic – the coolest kind of chic.

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