Liberty Tana Lawn Knot watches £55 here

I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw these watches in Liberty when I went in for one of my customary poke-around, mental shopping list sessions the other week. (Honestly there’s pretty much NOTHING I don’t want in that store. It’s like a bazaar of everything you could ever want in the world, ever.*)

My lil’sis had one back in the mists of time – well, actually I know how long ago it was because there was a bloody great piece of pasteboard saying: ‘re-edition of  a watch sold at Liberty TWENTY YEARS AGO’ – and that didn’t make me feel AT ALL OLD.

When I was a teeny tiny teenager, these watches were the dernier cri. Of course they were fearfully expensive to those of us who got £1.50 a week pocket money, and only the very favoured few – like my sister who attracts savings like a magnet, whereas I lose them like a leaky bucket – actually got to sport one.

I really think it may be time to invest in one. After all it has been TWENTY YEARS.

(Please excuse dodgy cameraphone photo – I was trying to be subtle in my picture taking. I find assistants the world over think you are planning a major heist and take it very badly if you jump around clearly taking photographs in -store.)

*This might be a good moment to say, yet again, that the name of my blog has absolutely nothing to do with Liberty the store. Nothing at all.  Much as I adore it, it was Not named after it in any way.

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I wish it was ok to take pictures. I was told at Holt Renfrew that they worry about counterfeiters but wouldn’t they just look at it online??? The salesperson laughed and said probably but she has to follow policy.


Yes, I’ve been asked to stop taking photos of a jacket in Liberty. They can’t have mistaken me for a fashion student – I’m far too old!


And they’re already out of stock! Hope you don’t have to wait another 20 years


The watches are fabulous!, I hope you did invest this time around!!


I still have mine! Somewhere…will hunt it out and post pictures when I find it!


Perhaps I am especially malcoordinated but how do you tie them with one hand? Is that a silly question?


@niche, that’s odd considering Holt’s courts bloggers all the time and they take pictures in the Bloor street store on a regular basis.

I wish we had a Liberty. When I was in London, I went in and just walked around soaking it up and wishing I was a millionaire so I could spend, spend, spend.


I just thought I should say how excited I was when you posted this last week! I had one as a child that I treasured more than anything (my dear mama bought it for me on a trip to Liberty as a child – I used to treasure those visits in themselves as whenever we made the pilgramage to England we would go there and she would stock up on rolls and rolls of Liberty florals to make dresses for me and cushions for the house, and our linen closets always smelt of Liberty Rosehip & Clover soap), and think I cried like a baby when I lost it on the way to ballet class one day. Which is to say, maybe it’s finally time for me to invest in my own now that I’m all grown-up!

Briony xx


Those watches are very quirky! The way they make the ‘strap’ (ribbon) look as though it is part of the watch face is very clever too, and at £55 it sounds a steal! However, they are perhaps slightly informal for work, as people tend to wear something slightly more smart in the office. However, this doesn’t have to mean you lose any of the style and character you’d get by wearing a watch like this.

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