It’s been a funny old week. I’ve been battling with a ferocious cold for exactly two weeks. It’s run the gamut from a box of tissues a day through a sore throat to today’s delightful sinus headache, chest infection and trumpeting sneezes.

It probably hasn’t helped that I presumed I’d be better after a week so filled the last five days with back to back appointments that have consequently seen me running around London like a hamster on a treadmill, my little legs fighting to keep up with my ridiculous self-inflicted schedule.

Suffice to say I was way too ambitious (scheduling 6-8 meetings a day), and have had to skip several (sorry) when the inevitable traffic made everything run late.

But it hasn’t all been a running river of snot and drooping in corners between serious meetings feeling sorry for myself. There was a dash up to the 38th floor of the Gherkin on Tuesday night to look at a new architecturally-inspired Cross fountain pen (I can only write in ink) and admire the gob-smacking view, an hour spent at De Beers looking at the kind of f**k off diamonds I fondly imagine Elizabeth Taylor wears to breakfast, a lunch at L’Atelier de Joel Rubuchon where I ate black truffles and and mashed potato so rich with butter that I may as well have just given up and smeared cellulite on my thighs, and a wholly indulgent appointment at the Laura Ashley Design Studio in Chelsea looking at shapes and fabrics for the new chair they are very kindly making for the hobbit hole.

This weekend sees me hiring yet another Transit van for yet another trip to Ikea (for 8x £10 lipstick pink folding chairs for brunch & dinner parties that I can keep on the tiny terrace in between times) and to pick up a lovely Edwardian mahogany chest of drawers I bought for £55 on eBay.

Screen shot 2011-03-11 at 18.43.55

Then, as the chest seller is on the M1, I’m going to nip up a few junctions to my mother’s to pick up my pansy tea service and give fatso Posetta Baddog a long walk up the lanes with Billy the Whippet & Maudie the Jack Russell.

Photo: View from the 38th floor of the Gherkin

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If you are looking to avoid a trip to Ikea, Habitat on Regent St is closing down and is selling pink folding chairs for £7 each!


Thanks Liv! LLGxx


Love the chest of drawers! I always think they look more elegant with daylight underneath.

Re the Ear, Nose and Throat part of your post, I always find remedies from Ainsworths Homeopaths in New Cavendish Street to work. I particularly like their Anas Barb for colds, whether just starting or already established. You can talk to them over the phone if you don’t have time to go in there and they will post to you. I also use Pulsatilla to get rid of any sinus problems I have had in the past.


Sounds like another amazing whirlwind week! But made up of some wonderful things- diamonds, great food, beautiful views and home comforts! Ideal in my mind.
I got taken to the top floor of the Gherkin when on a work placement with a law firm. I was so amazed by the views, it was incredible! 360 views of london, higher than anything else around. It must have been even more fabulous at night.
I hope you get the chance to recover and rest!



The Edwardian mahogany chest of drawers was a find!

Black truffle mashed? Yes, please.


Ah, diamonds. But sorry to hear about your cold, had the same thing for weeks! Hope you get better soon.

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