I adore pancakes. Absolutely one of my favourite foods, and I can’t think why I don’t eat them more often.

So Shrove Tuesday is a set in stone ritual in my household, whichever side of the Atlantic I find myself. If I should happen to be on the road in America then it’s a short stack in a diner, with hot syrup and a side of berries.

If in London and I’m feeling sociable, it’s supper with thin Chinese flour pancakes to wrap around deep fried tofu or shredded chicken with julienne-d spring onions (scallions) and satay sauce to start with, followed by something tortilla-based, maybe fajitas or enchiladas and always, always finishing up with pancakes (more of a French crepe than an American doughy slab) with sugar, lemon & currants.

(I know the currants are a bit leftfield, but it’s what my mother gave us as infants, and the habit stuck.)

As I’ve only just moved into the hobbit hole, I’m not really in a position to throw dinner parties, so I compromised by ringing up my mate Rollo at midday and demanding that he come round to eat pancakes with me for lunch – fortunately he works in the middle of Camden and as, in the 22 years that we’ve been friends, I’ve never known him decline food, that was an easy sell.)

I also put in the three-line whip to Lil’sis and Posetta Baddog, and managed to persuade E & little C to hop it from W11, and suddenly we had a lunch party.

The recipe I use is completely foolproof and takes 2 mins to whizz up in a blender. I know trad recipes say to let the batter stand for 30mins, but I never bother. Far too greedy to wait. Feeds four people about three pancakes each (+practice ones.)

Put 110gms /4oz plain flour in a blender or food processor. Best to sift it to avoid lumpy pancakes but I forgot.

Crack in two eggs, and whizz, whilst pouring in through the top 200mls/7fl oz. of whole milk (the fat won’t kill you) plus 75ml/3fl oz. water. You can use all milk, but I find this makes for a slightly too thick batter. Then add a good pinch of salt (even if you are eating them sweet), and 1 tbsp. of a flavourless vegetable oil like sunflower. Scrape down the sides; give it a final whizz, and decant into a bowl that you can safely ladle out of.

Put your frying pan on with a scant teaspoon of oil. I find it easier to have a little jug filled with oil next to me so I don’t pour in too much each time, and to minimise the risk of melting the plastic oil bottle when I inevitably put it down on a hot plate.

When it is smoking, pour in a ladleful of batter and swirl it around. If bubbles appear your heat is too high.

IMG_0006 IMG_0012

(L) Too hot                                      (R ) Perfect -ish

When the bottom looks set, slide a palette knife under, flip and cook the other side till golden,

IMG_0013 IMG_0015

before sliding onto a plate.


Warning: the first pancake is always terrible (this is the law),


and I reckon it took me at least 3 attempts to get my pancake mojo on. So don’t be discouraged. By the final one you’ll be flipping it 2 feet in the air like me.



I ate mine with the afore-mentioned sugar, currants & lemon (What? Perfectly acceptable lunch), and the others had crispy bacon and maple syrup.



Oh  – I used the amazing Green Pan frying pan that I was given a few weeks back. More on this later, but absolutely bloody brilliant for making pancakes – not a hint of stick – and even better, PTSE free none of those nasty toxic fumes trad non-stick pans give off if you heat them too high.

GreenPan, Nairobi Black Aluminium, 20 cm, Open Fry Pan, Ceramic Non-Stick Coating £18.74

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lovely. i dislike having to let the batter “settle”- this is just the recipe for my arsenal- for a brunch party at mine. love the photos. x shayma


Thank you darling! One day I’m going to do an experiment to see how much better pancakes are if you rest the batter. I’ll report back! LLGxx


Happy Pancake Day!

I was flipping my English pancakes this morning!


And to you too! LLGxx


I ve recently mastered my own pancake recipe (for sweet pancakes) by adding a little vanilla essence to the mix. Try it and u ll love it!


I’m not a vanilla fan, but I bet some of my readers are! Thanks for the tip! LLGxx


Raisins aren’t left of field at all! We always have spinach and ricotta savoury pancakes, then sugar, lemon and honey ones for pudding.
Spot-on for Shrove Tuesday.


Currants are a little more unusual – definitely better cooked, I think! LLGxx


Mmm, so they soak up all the lemon and become soft.


I love that you said ‘this is the law’ about the first pancake being awful.
Also that you can spontaneously rumble up a pancake party!


As kids , we always had lemon and caster sugar in a shaker.I was just saying to lil hubby that it was the taste of my childhood! Happy tossing everyone! Now what are you giving up for Lent?


Was wondering if you are still pleased with your Green Pan? Have been thinking of getting one but there are mixed reviews.

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