I cooked my first proper meal in my new flat on Sunday – that’s if you discount M&S treats, omelettes and toast, which I think we should. Although I moved in on the 6th Feb, I went to New York two days later for a week, and then it was headfirst into London Fashion Week. After last week’s fashion flu, I have only just re-surfaced.

Hidden in the depths of one of the cartons I unpacked yesterday were my Global knives and most of my batterie de cuisine, without which it was quite tricky to cook. (Believe me, trying to slice a loaf of bread with a mezzaluna rather kills the desire to deal with anything more than toast.) It is just so indescribably cheering to have a proper kitchen, even if it is a very little one, with all my own equipment to hand.

And, if I should need any other piece of equipment, I have Camden market, the flagship branch of Sainsbury’s supermarket and an entire High Street within a few minutes’ walk. Hell, I even have a Whole Foods a couple of streets away. Not to mention a food writer lurking upstairs.

All I need are a few kamikaze yellow cabs speeding past my door and to raise the ambient noise by a 100 decibels, and I could be in Manhattan.

Then again, they don’t have streets like this in New York:


This isn’t actually my street (I do draw the line at publicising the exact location of the hobbit hole) but it’s almost, if not quite identical. My flat (the original servant’s entrance) is accessed through a little, almost invisible gap in the iron railings and down some scary black metal stairs by the coal hole. I go down sideways when I wear heels and if you hear me tell of a twisted ankle, you’ll know why. God knows how I am going to get my bike down there when the weather warms up.

Oddly, I have never lived on my own in a flat of my own. The place that I sold last summer had three bedrooms, so there were always people staying or lodging, and in New York I sub-let furnished, so even when I was on my own, I never had any of my possessions around me.

And that’s why I am so gleeful right now: to be in a space of my own, and one that is filled with my own things is just very, very exciting.

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I love that part of London, and if your street looks like that I’m sure it’s beautiful! Have fun settling in!


I totally agree. Having your own place with your own things is the best. And your new place looks lovely.

I’ve been living in a furnished flat for three years and finally moved into an unfurnished one yesterday. Can’t wait to decorate it and give it some personality. Slowly but surely….


You must be revelling in it. I do love having my own little flat to come home to (even better when I start working from home NEXT WEEK, wheehee!), full of books and pictures and all the things I like. It will be even better when I finally get the last of my things shipped over from Australia this year, with the rest of my books and my large ceramic collection. (ps am sure Camden on a Saturday night will give you the desired New York noise levels) x


Congratulations on your time girl. sorry for anything.


You really must be enjoying the freedom and although it is a ‘hobbit hole’ the area is beautiful and you have lots of exciting things on your doorstep by the sound of it.


oh I’m only joking about the hobbits! I absolutely love my new space! (Altho it *is* a basement!) LLGxx


This looks like a very lovely part of the city that you live in 😉
Having a little space in which you can just be yourself and do whatever crazy thing takes your fancy – paint it whatever colour scheme you like ….that must be wonderful. Having to negotiate everything with hubby severely impedes my quest for gold paint on my bathroom walls and to paint my roll-top bath purple. That might be a good thing though 🙂

Enjoy your lovely space!!!

Ali x


Oooh, i’m so jealous of you having your own place. I feel i’m at the end of my co-renting life & I totally GET what you mean about having your own ‘things’. Currently in the kitchen we have 3 of everything, as there are 3 of us living here. 3 whisks, 3 sets of knives, 3 million cups. It’s just too much.
I can’t wait to go to IKEA and buy things for MY place and put them where I want. God, that sounds so selfish, but it’s so important to have your own things about you where you live.
Enjoy settling in!


Oh goodness, I remember being in that situation so very well…don;t worry though, you’ll get your space one day. LLGxx


Nothing beats the joy of true privacy. Bliss is doing what you want when you want, cleaning up your own mess, or not! And nobody else to consider , though selfish is pure indulgence. I envy you your HH Jx


Yes! You have it exactly right. It is utterly blissful being on my own LLGxx


I’m so happy for you! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now but have never commented. It seems truly exciting to finally have a “room of one’s own.” I’m still looking forward to that day coming for me…


Thank you! Yes, it is the most brilliant feeling LLGxx


I lived in a London basement for years and loved it. it was sunny and light despite being below ground and always cosy. Enjoy!

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