Of course now that I have a Home of My Own again I am obsessed with every possible detail. Latest obsession: the perfect coathanger. I’ve always eschewed the wire ones from the dry cleaners: as any fule kno they are the quickest way to ruin your clothing.

Instead I’ve been a fan of a combo of Ikea’s plain wooden hangers for shirts & coats, padded velvet ones for dresses & silk, and metal clip hangers for trousers and for skirts. Thing is though that the padded & wooden ones take up an inordinate amount of space in your wardrobe and, when you live in a flat, with no storage space for your out of season clothes, everything has to be hung up.

I’ve partially got around the problem by having two wardrobes in my bedroom but the real solution has been investing in 150 ultra thin velvet flocked hangers, which I bought from both TK Maxx and reliable old eBay.

It’s amazing how little space they take up: I reckon I’ve tripled each wardrobe’s capacity. It also helps that the velvet coating prevents slipping, and that they are curved in precisely the right way to stop those odd hanger bumps appearing in the shoulders of your clothes so there’s hardly anything you can’t hang.

They are so thin that I even hang up my jeans and all my scarves now and consequently everything is so much easier to find, and my OCD soul loves the neat rows of matching hangers.

I spent a while looking for the best deal on-line, and ended up buying 50 black hangers for £20.99 + £5.99 postage in the UK on eBay here. I’ve bought two lots and each have arrived within days.


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You love the darker hues. So organised, I feel ashamed…x


They look like perfect hangers (and I always grin when I spot a Molesworth reference).


Ha!! They are fabulous and ever so much more efficient than the pretty (sniff) satin fat hangers that are so decadently romantic.

Interesting … you went bi-colored. Very forward!!


Hi..this is off topic actually. Do you have any info on who is designing Kate Middleton’s bridal and entourage? ☺ all the way from the Pacific


These are the best hangers I’ve found. I swapped my entire wardrobe over a while back and they’re brilliant. The ones on Ebay seemed to be stronger than the originals too. Hope all’s good with you xx


Glad to hear I’m not the only one that adores these hangers (I have the Joy Mangano kind and even received 50 as a birthday gift once!)

I’ve been carrying back 15 every time we return from NYC. These are the best hangers ever – lightweight and they really take up less closet space!

*hangers squealing over*


This is great LLG, I’ve been working my way up to buying a big stock of these after seeing how well they worked for Christina at Fashion’s Most Wanted. I’m turning our spare room into a vast closet now that I am setting up as a full-time vintage seller, so will be buying a chunk of these today – you’ve just saved me all the work of finding the best deal on them so thank you 🙂


Those are my favorite hangers, too!!! I buy the “huggable hangers” by Joy Mangano that are sold on homeshopping network and Target here in US. You are 100% correct about space saving. Plus the velvet coating help keep silky blouses from slipping off. They are so worth investing in!


Having bought clear shoe boxes for mine and my beau’s shoes 2 years ago I am feeling a bit of OCD and might just have to invest in some of these clothes hangers. Here’s the thing having a man around is lovely but then I have to share my wardrobe space!!


An excellent idea. I currently use wooden hangers for most of my gear but as my wardrobe is ever expanding I need more space so I’ll definitely be getting some of these. 🙂

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