I found these folders in the Manhattan branch of The Conran Shop, and they are giving me endless hours of amusement.

They are by Knock Knock, the same brilliant, Venice, California design company who made these pads:

Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 21.15.36 Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 21.09.33

I have the To Do Lists one and I bought Pros & Cons for lil’sis, who spends her life vacillating. ($8 each)

Particularly loving the description of the To Do pad:

“Making a list of things to do is one of the few chores both essential for organized productivity and delectable for leisurely procrastination. A stylish reinterpretation of the stressed-out classic, the To Do Pad all but guarantees that everything will get done.”

And, I do make a list every morning on my pad and, remarkably, it is helping me get things done.

Many, many more stationery products of genius at their website here.

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i have their ‘to do’ paper mousepad, which i absolutely love and find completely invaluable. I bought mine at Liberty – and I’m going to hop back there tomorrow to see if there are other KnockKnock products stocked.


oooh I haven’t seen that one yet. WANT. LLGcc


I adore Knock Knock!
I have the Planning The Party pad and even though I don’t throw very many get-togethers at my house it has come in handy. Plus it’s so nice to have the menu, grocery list, etc. all in one place! And it’s purple which is just too cute 🙂


I want most of their listpads! I fervently believe they wld make me more organised. Ha! In my dreams. LLGxx


Love this website – thanks so much. Suits my list making obsessive side down to ground


Mine too! Not that I always actually act on my lists, but I sure like making them! LLGxx


Love! Maybe I should get these as a first step to get organised…


Yes, baby steps! LLGxx


ah stationery, one of life’s great pleasures


Yes! You are so right! LLGxx


I loooove the pro-con list! This is how I make all big decisions and I used one just this weekend, deciding to accept a job interview or not. Thanks for making me feel special – a list made just for me! Hillarious! Btw your comments form doesn’t like my blogspot URL…


I love the extra column to check off all completed tasks. It’s amazing what a sense of accomplishment a little tick can give you!


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