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So I’ve officially been in LLG Towers – okay, it’s actually more like a Hobbit hole, since it’s a proper old school servant’s entrance basement flat in a Georgian terrace, sorry, GARDEN flat, since the 6th Feb. But because I buggered off to New York for a week 48hrs later and then spent the week after that at London Fashion Week, I’ve barely had a chance to settle in properly.

When I looked around the flat back in November, and agreed to take it after a scant 5min recce, there was a family of four in residence in its two rooms, camping out whilst their house down the road was being renovated. The good thing was that without the family & their chattels there, I discovered that the flat was way bigger as I remembered. (Think twice the square footage of a West Village two bed apartment in just two rooms.) The bad was that there was no furniture, bar a fridge & oven, bed & an Ikea wardrobe, – not a problem in a teeny Hobbit hole, but rather more noticeable in quite a large one.

Unfortunately, when I sold my London flat back in August, I gave away most of my furniture & household stuff on FreeCycle, and all I have left are an art deco walnut bookshelf, a Herman Miller desk chair, a 1950s walnut cocktail cabinet and the mid-century walnut desk (hmm, do I sense a theme here?) I splashed out on last month. I bought a microwave and kettle from Argos down the road to get me through London Fashion Week, and a small freezer on eBay, but oh goodness the list goes on…mainly because  I am hideously messy and I need a place for everything otherwise I live in squalor.

So, that means, since I am not a millionaire, I am now spending rather too much of my life between monitoring auctions on eBay and hopping it to Cricklewood Ikea. It doesn’t help that I have absolutely zero patience and want it all perfect RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately, the need to earn the money to pay for my decorating delusions of grandeur comes first, and I am resigning myself to the fact that two-seater sofas for my bedroom are a luxury not a necessity. (But aren’t these two I found on eBay perfect for a bedroom?)

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>It doesn’t help that I have absolutely zero patience and want it all perfect RIGHT NOW

The struggle is real… and I know it all too well things would be so much simpler if I just had like, you know, infinite money.

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