Just to let you know that my daily show reports from London Fashion Week are over at Voices of Fashion, as part of LLG’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz at LFW.

Day Six photos are up on the LibertyLondonGirl Tumblr, with my final day outfit, (there’s a pretty vile photo of me on the Vogue blog in my day five outfit (a compliment for my fabulous Whistles coat, fluoro pink necklace & Uniqlo pale blue denim skinny stretch jeans, not me!), but I’m not posting the link.)

And here’s a video of me on Tuesday at Somerset House, talking about LFW here (try listening without looking – i look ropey after five days of running on double espressos, hot cross buns, 4hrs of sleep a night and no vitamins). The video was for Lavazza, (without whose coffee I would be as a hollow shell) as a quid pro quo for their very kindly giving LLG readers London Fashion Weekend tickets two seasons running.

And I promise to be back to normal transmission tomorrow, as I know many of you are not bothered in the slightest by fashion week! (Thank you for bearing with me over the past week – Fashion Week does become all encompassing.)

Photo: Pringle of Scotland AW11 by LLG


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Lovely to see you, I don’t know how you do it.


You do Not look ropey at all! Quite perky in fact , and the gravelly voice was good too. You should do some voice over work! lol Jx


well done on your coverage of LFW. I was only there for a weekend and was wrecked tired afterwards so I don’t know how you did it show after show! But the Lavazza video interview explains it all. COFFEE!!


It was really cool to put a voice to a face : )
It’s amazing how much you you can discover the will to do when it’s something you absolutely love and get a buzz from : ) x


Loving the reports and all the tweets!


loving the reports and the tweets from LFW!


Found the Vogue picture! Silly girl, you don’t look vile at all. You look lovely and fresh. x

Thanks for the great LFW coverage, I’ve been following it religiously.


I could listen to your voice all day long. It is wonderfully soothing.

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