When I got home on Wednesday night, I opened up my mailbox gingerly, expecting an avalanche of show tickets for LFW. Instead there was a mere handful. I was confused – until Him Upstairs (LLG HQ is the self-contained lower ground floor of a friend’s house) emailed to say he had some post & parcels for me.

No shit.

He was in possession of an overflowing bucketful that took me some twenty-five minutes to open in front of Skype with Briony as we ticked off our list together. It’s hardly surprising that there were hundreds of invitations tho: LFW takes place over six days – five for womenswear, and one for mens, and there are approx fifteen official shows each day, starting at 9am and finishing around 10pm, maybe another 10 or so off-schedule, plus countless presentations, exhibitions, parties, events, backstage stories, designer interviews and godknowswhat of which to take account.

It’s an enormous logistical challenge trying to piece together a working schedule, as we try to attend everything between us, to make sure we are on top of all the news for the @MercedesLFW Twitter feed.  Which new designers should we catch? Which shows can we skip? Can we make it from EC2 to SW1 in ten minutes without wings or helicopter? Who should I be interviewing? Which backstage beauty stories are we covering? Where can we carve out five minutes for a snack *laughs drily*? And so on.

This season Team LLG is four: Me, Briony Whitehouse, who has been LLG’s editorial associate for six months now, our fabulous intern Claire Charron who is based in New York, and who flew in this morning for her first LFW and, of course, Lovely Daniel, my driver of the past two seasons, who we have been allocated again by Mercedes-Benz for our official LFW car.

(The brilliant Kiki, who has done such sterling work with me the last two seasons is up, up, up & away in her writing career, and has no need now to schedule anyone’s fashion week apart from her own.)

Judging by the zillion emails Briony, Claire & I have exchanged today, this will be a vintage year. We will be backstage at shows ranging from Christopher Kane to Erdem, with interviews scheduled with designers we love, and some very special access and exclusives along the way for both the Mercedes Voices of Fashion project and for LLG.

Bring it on!


(This is about half of our tickets so far)

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Wow, LFW is gonna be really stressy – wish you the best for it!! 🙂



Sasha if its allowed I would gladly go to the ones you’ve rejected for whatever reason and report back. Interested? Jx


Hi Janie. I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that. Tickets are non-transferable, I’m afraid. And we really do try to go to absolutely everything, to report back on behalf of Mercedes-Benz.

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