Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: Shiny, very shiny

by Sasha Wilkins on February 17, 2011 · 21 comments

IMG-20110209-00537 (1)

Given a choice, I would rather plump for the airport experience above (Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Clubhouse, LHR), rather than the one below (Newark Liberty Hellhole). Unfortunately it’snot nearly often enough (IMHO) that I get the Eames chair rather than the plastic bucket seat.


There are many downsides to the flying experience and airports, with their seething crowds, screaming infants, confused travellers and assembly line catering. As above at Newark, possibly the most depressing of major international airports.

And then there are the occasional upsides. Like last week when Virgin kindly gave me access to their Clubhouse at Heathrow, an airline lounge that has reached almost mythical status, due in part to its Bumble + Bumble hair salon, Cowshed spa treatments, delicious food and design that looks, well, designed, rather than taken from an East Berlin design textbook circa 1970.

Ah, yes. Did I mention the food?

IMG-20110209-00539 (1)

Now that’s what I call breakfast.

I admit it. I am easily bribed: feed me & I am yours but, even though I was in the Clubhouse to ostensibly check it out for LLG, I can honestly report that I would have been quite happy to curl up in my Eames recliner and hang out for the rest of the day – as opposed to grumpily hauling my ass and my cases out the door and onto the plane to JFK.


I mean what’s not to like about piles of free papers and magazines. I did not sully my paws with The Daily Mail, but I did liberate Hello! (In the same way that calories do not count in the air, neither does reading Hello!.)

And then they gave me an unexpected & unasked for upgrade to Premium Economy at the gate. Thank you Virgin Atlantic for making my day so very much nicer.

LLG bought her own ticket to NYC, but Virgin polished it up for her.

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