At the beginning of November I wrote about the Kindle and how I felt it was permanently changing my reading habits. Three months later I haven’t changed my tune: I’ve read more books since then than I have read in the last two years combined.

Before the Kindle (BK) if I read anything it was on-line. I was so involved with blogging and reading blogs that everything else fell by the wayside, and newspapers were pretty much the only content I consumed.

The ease of the Kindle is what won me over: it’s a doddle to use, and is so small & thin that it just slips neatly into an overcoat pocket or evening bag. Whereas, when waiting for a bus or a meeting I may have previously have pecked nervously at my Blackberry, now I found myself whipping out the Kindle.

Given my Dyspraxia, I am quite capable of intending to buy a particular book then promptly forgetting, never to think of it again. With the Kindle the thought becomes action in seconds. The only drawback? The amount I spend on books now.

No, actually there IS a drawback. Last week I was looking for something on the top shelf of my wardrobe. I knelt up on the bed and felt something hard under a knee. It was my Kindle, caught up in the sheets. I pulled it out and there was a tiny mark on the bottom of the display but nothing more. But when I tried to turn it on – nothing.

I am furious with myself. Sensible people, GROWN UP people would carefully place their expensive e-reader on their bedside table. No, I have to fall asleep, tangling it up in the bedclothes.

So, that’s it. My Kindle days are no more. Turns out that that was a very expensive three months of delightful reading.

I’m not happy: I keep thinking of my plane journey tomorrow and the books I ‘ll have to heft in my carry-on to assuage the boredom, as opposed to my slim Kindle, with its hundreds of boredom-botherers.


RIP: it was great whilst it lasted.

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I kid you not, the EXACT same thing happened to my brother. So at ease with his kindle was he that it went everywhere with him and was treated just like any other book. Then one morning his girlfriend was making the bed and her knee went right through the kindle which was under the duvet. The kindle was instantly no more. I bet it is a more common way for kindles to bite the dust than we’d think. So you’re not alone! x


Oh no it’s horrid when things like this happen, I hope you get it fixed or some nice Kindle fairy maybe sends you a new one! I still can’t decide whether or not to get one – lots of people have recommended them but I just love buying books, even with the lugging around factored in. I’m not sure I want to lose the joy of having an actual book in my hands. Plus I read in the bath so much that if I bought a Kindle it would probably end up drowned after a few days.x


i bought a kindle for my sister, and she didnt want it, now it collects dust! want it?


I don’t have one- but I do have the app on my i phone.

I am a lover of new tech and I must say I agree that I have read more since I got that app (although a kindle would be bigger, nicer- more!).

However I am also a lover of books so I’ve ended up duplicating things which is a bit frustrating when I’m trying to budget. For example I couldn’t wait to read Comfort and Joy so downloaded it and read it everywhere I went in the run up to Christmas- but then I had to have a hardback copy as soon as I saw it in the book shop. I guess with some things i wouldn’t do this though and the kindle app is really good for anything older than 50 years

I still can’t get my head around owning a download- and I download lots of music, not least because I review it and often reviews are sent as downloads now.

So my relationship with downloading books is ongoing- I read more but spend more too- or spend more per title.


I love my kindle. Amazon was so helpful when a spot showed up on my screen and even replaced it with a new one. Don’t give up. Try all your options to get it replaced. And of course your books are still there on the website. I do cry with you over your loss but hope it is just temporary.


Have you ever tried to read on an IPad? I keep going back and forth on buying one of those or a Kindle.


Oh no! I hope you manage to find a way to get it fixed! Good luck xxx


Oh no! RIP Kindle. You clearly lived your life to the full and will be missed!


I would definitly contact CS, my friend accidentally sat on hers and cracked the screen, she phoned them and got a brand new spanking new one only a few days later! I’m already on my 3rd kindle – not through breaking mind, my mum loved the first one that I ended up giving it to her, and the second my boyfriend kept on stealing

Hope you get a new one sorted!


We are a Kindle family and have one each. One of the children´s screen just went dead. I called support and after a long chat trying to establish which Kindle it was, they sent me a new one. Good Luck!

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