At the beginning of November I wrote about the Kindle and how I felt it was permanently changing my reading habits. Three months later I haven’t changed my tune: I’ve read more books since then than I have read in the last two years combined.

Before the Kindle (BK) if I read anything it was on-line. I was so involved with blogging and reading blogs that everything else fell by the wayside, and newspapers were pretty much the only content I consumed.

The ease of the Kindle is what won me over: it’s a doddle to use, and is so small & thin that it just slips neatly into an overcoat pocket or evening bag. Whereas, when waiting for a bus or a meeting I may have previously have pecked nervously at my Blackberry, now I found myself whipping out the Kindle.

Given my Dyspraxia, I am quite capable of intending to buy a particular book then promptly forgetting, never to think of it again. With the Kindle the thought becomes action in seconds. The only drawback? The amount I spend on books now.

No, actually there IS a drawback. Last week I was looking for something on the top shelf of my wardrobe. I knelt up on the bed and felt something hard under a knee. It was my Kindle, caught up in the sheets. I pulled it out and there was a tiny mark on the bottom of the display but nothing more. But when I tried to turn it on – nothing.

I am furious with myself. Sensible people, GROWN UP people would carefully place their expensive e-reader on their bedside table. No, I have to fall asleep, tangling it up in the bedclothes.

So, that’s it. My Kindle days are no more. Turns out that that was a very expensive three months of delightful reading.

I’m not happy: I keep thinking of my plane journey tomorrow and the books I ‘ll have to heft in my carry-on to assuage the boredom, as opposed to my slim Kindle, with its hundreds of boredom-botherers.


RIP: it was great whilst it lasted.

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Boo hiss. Question though – if you were to buy a new Kindle (NK) could you transfer the books you’d previously bought? In a similar fashion to Itunes v ipod? Am asking as have just purchased said Kindle for my mum and would be very sad Poppy (VSP) if it all went to rhubarb.


This is small consolation, but you can at least use the Kindle app on your phone/desktop to read both old and new purchases even without a Kindle. Until Santa or some smart PR at Amazon gets you another one ;). xo


Can’t we figure out how to get you a new kindle thingy?!

(I have dyspraxia too. But now dysgraphia.)


just bought mine and I love it – I so have to get a kindle cover but haven’t seen anything I like yet but you’ve prompted me. One of the reasons I bought it was the fact that even if you break your kindle all your books are backed up by Amazon and you can download kindle for the PC/laptop for free AND they will be on there as well. Hope that helps till you get another one x


Should still be under warranty. If you bought insurance with it, all the better for a replacement.



I had almost the same problem some time ago. And don’t think it is because your Kindle is destroyed by you. It just happened sometimes with them – they crash and won’t start again. Do something like this – push reset button for 15 seconds. If it will not start – call their csupport. They will send you new one for free.

I hope it helped.



I have had my Kindle and apple green cover (love it) since Christmas and I have to say that although I am absolutely skint, I would have to replace it by any means possible if I broke it or lost it! We are the Kindle generation!


Failing customer support or warranty, the latter might be invalidated by the fact you’re bedclothes and knee tangle contributed. It might not be dead you know. You might just have dislodged a circuit, you must have at least one techie mate who just loves to take stuff apart for the hell of it to see how it all works. Give it to them, let them have a mooch. I once put rechargeables into my analogue camera and heard it go pop and die. It didn’t work for 2 years. Then a friend said to open it up and leave it in direct sunlight for a few hours. Freakishly, the tip worked and my camera sprang back to life.

Don’t give up on the kindle yet, you won’t know until you try. x x


I keep mine in one of the lovely leather cases they don’t currently sell (because they make the machine crash), although the version with a light is still being sold.
Having said that, the case is much heavier than the machine, but it opens like a book.
Unless your screen is cracked, I would have thought that the warranty would be relevant; if I remember correctly you bought it in the UK so that should help.
Two other things you could try first:
– holding the switch in the on position for around 30 seconds sometime reboots the machine;
– the difference between a dead machine and one with a flat battery is minimal, so it might be worth trying to charge it.
Good luck.

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