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You may remember that, back in the autumn, I wrote about Kate Spade’s opening salvo into the British retail world: their excellent pop-up shop in Covent Garden’s Henrietta Street.

I said at the time that I thought it would be interesting to see what the brand did next in the UK, given the raging success of the pop-up¬† (which I said then and still think, set the gold standard for temporary shops) and now my, ahem, secret sources tell me that Kate Spade will indeed have a permanent presence in London from this summer, having found a retail space. No word on exactly where tho. (But the moment my mole tells me, I’ll tell you.)

And that lovely rumour reminded me that I had this wonderful screen-printed canvas Kate Spade large & brand new leather-handled tote bag with New York on one side, and London on the other to give away on LLG. (Forgive me, I’ve been a bit caught up with snowbound planes, packing containers and setting up offices). The bag was a very VERY limited edition, designed especially to celebrate the Kate Spade Henrietta Street store and, I think, only available in the pop-up store.

It’s also quite prescient, as I am heading to New York on Wednesday (to speak at Evolving Influence), and I can’t think of an item more suited to this blog which deals with the geographic duality¬† of my life, than a bag that says New York on one side, and London on the other.

To snaffle this bag for yourself, simply leave a comment below telling us whether you prefer the city of London or of New York, or which one you’d like to visit….I’ll pick a recipient when I get back from New York.

(Also: check out this sweet video, starring actress Anna Brewster, which was shot in the Henrietta Street pop-up. You can see the bag hanging on the wall at around 2:01)


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I paraphrase but “Ma’am, when a woman is tired of London, she is tired of life.”

As a born and bred, my heart will always be London.


London. Always London.


as much as london is wonderful, I pick New York…what a wonderful giveaway!


I love both cities but I would have to say London is my favourtite


I’ve never been to New York and I live in London. And though I love London, I just know I’d fall madly in love with New York!




I love both, but London has the bigger part of my heart. So London it is.


Haha Liberty London Girl – I prefer both London AND New York! Stuck all the way down here at the bottom of the earth in Melbourne Australia dreaming of partaking in a spot of shopping, eating and sight seeing in either lovely location. I would need a tote bag though……..


I’m partial to London. I have always preferred it over New York, but I visited last summer and haven’t stopped dreaming about it since. London has the perfect mix of old and new, and, being from Canada, is a much more exciting destination than New York.


I’ve only been to New York once, back in 2003 with my Mum. We spent our whole time walking around craning our necks, staring upwards! And when we did bring our eyes back down to the ground we couldn’t get over the excitement that steam REALLY DOES come out of the pavement!
While I loved every minute of NY and would love to return, my choice has to be London (not least because it saves me a huge chiropractors bill!), because it feels like home and a new city to discover all rolled into one.
Love the blog as always.

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