In between a breakfast meeting at the Dean Street Townhouse and a trip to check out Shavata at Harrod’s Urban Retreat today, I stopped off at Mount Street to look at the new London home of Mackintosh, designed with aplomb by Wonderwall Inc in the manner of a TARDIS – what seems like a sliver of a store, reaches down to a lower level filled with old school glass cases and plenty of room for trying on.

Mackintosh have produced coats in England since 1823, when the original Charles Mackintosh patented his invention for waterproof cloth, achieved by rubberising cloth. Even today all mac seams, linings and pockets are waterproofed by hand. It’s no surprise that they also manufacture rainwear for Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Balenciaga amongst others.

Having recently taken over another factory and with a hefty injection of Japanese investment capital, and an admirable commitment to British manufacturing, the label is revamping for the 21st century. The waterproof fabric may have a venerable history, but it feels and looks modern, and there is clever detailing on trenches and jackets.

IMG_4701 IMG_4707

Steer a quick path past the zebra print coat (my eyes) and focus instead on these beautifully cut and perfectly simple coats and jackets for men & for women.

IMG_4706 IMG_4708

We like. A lot.

Mackintosh, 104 Mount Street, London, W1

(Check out the press images on the LLG Archive Flickr page here)

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that looks a beautiful shop- and how lovely it would be to have a real MacIntosh


It’s definitely worth a visit – a lovely mixture of traditional & modern shopfitting LLGxx

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