My beautiful mid-century walnut desk, an absolute steal on eBay, is now in situ in my temporary apartment, and I was charmed to see that the desk has been used for something important in the past:


But charming as the ink blots & stamps are, (& I do rather want an ‘Official Business’ stamp of my own,) I always like to line my drawers and this time I liberated the end of a roll of wallpaper left from my sister’s re-decoration project. Wallpaper is great for lining drawers, as it’s lovely and thick, so it won’t get torn in day to day drawer scrabbling, and the width is often exactly what you need.

(Don’t make the mistake of cutting exactly to the width of the interior of the drawer- you want a little over, so it comes up slightly on each side. This will anchor the paper when you crease each side, and also stop precious pieces of paper from slipping underneath the liner.)

IMG_4697 IMG_4698

If you are feeling similarly inspired, then the paper I used was Isodore wallpaper in Linen £18.90 a roll, reduced from £30 as part of the Laura Ashley End of Season Sale, which has:
Up to 50% off Home & Fashion*
Extra 10% Off furniture (excl: Rubie cabinet), upholstery and made to measure curtains & blinds
Plus free delivery on selected Furniture and Upholstery*
(Ends 30th Jan)

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My desk is so ugly the whole thing needs to be papered over! It’s a very pretty paper- it turned out rather nicely 🙂


I’m very pleased, I have to say! Thanks to lil’sis are due for the paper! LLGxx


What a clever idea, now I just need a mid-century desk to put it in! I am with Mother of Style, my awful landlord-owned Ikea thing needs to be papered over entirely…


It’s the first lovely desk I have owned – so excited! LLGxx


Jolly good tips!


Why thank you old bean! LLGxx


I wish you could come to my house and make everything beautiful, like these drawers!


I hate to shatter illusions, but that’s about the limit of my talents! LLGxx


wall paper in los angeles

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