I do love the idea of bespoke dresses for women. And I love even more the idea of someone gifting me the experience for a birthday or Christmas

And hurrah: there is someone who can make that happen. Nooshin Bakhshi is a stylist turned designer-tailor, specialising in bespoke tailoring for women from her Savile Row atelier. And tailoring doesn’t just mean suits: she makes day and evening dresses too.

So: presents.

Considering the price of a designer frock at any major boutique and Nooshin’s White Package looks like extremely good value for for a fully bespoke dress or jacket at £500. This allows the recipient to select her own fabric, design and style, guided by Nooshin. The promise is delivered in a be-ribboned white box with a hand written note from the giver.

Grey boat dress

Other gifts and services are available, and can be discussed with Nooshin directly.  Fittings take place at Nooshin’s Savile Row atelier, or on request at home or office.

For more information or to purchase a gift package, contact Nooshin on +44 (0) 7773 009 536, email her at nooshin@nooshin.co.uk or visit her website www.nooshin.co.uk

AND, very importantly, 10% of all Christmas purchases will go to the Georges Malaika Foundation, a charity dedicated to the empowerment of young African girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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very cool- perhaps I could buy a present to myself…


this is awesome. thanks!


Hi LLG and very merry Christmas, if you like the concept of bespoke , you must check out Pussy Willow in Bermondsey st. London SE1 (a lovely hidden London village). Pussy Willow is the creation of ex dancer and actor Amanda Thompson, gorgeous tailoring; dresses, suits, bridal and red carpet dressing.The prices do not reflect the couture quality of the fabrics and fastidious hand finishing. I’m not involved with the business but I am a friend of Amanda’s and I’d love to see her get the recognition she deserves so please have a look. http://www.pwillow.com (do NOT enter pussywillow.com!) very best, Sue

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