A short 1hr40 flight from JFK to Reagan International and there I was, sitting in the back of a cab, nose pressed against the window, staring at Washington D.C’s major landmarks, and watching my breath fug up the glass.

As promised, I’m here as one of 800 delegates at the first annual TEDWomen conference and feeling rather overwhelmed at the collective brilliance of the attendees.

I do not exaggerate. You have to go through an extremely rigorous application procedure just to attend, let alone speak, and it does seem as though every international woman of note is here, some as delegates, others to speak. The only criteria is to be extraordinary in your field.

Tonight was a gentle easing in, with a dinner for thirty for TED partners (sponsors), and their guests. (I’m here under the aegis of sponsor Levi’s and their Shape What’s to Come campaign), followed by the showing of Women are Heroes, an extraordinary film by the TED 2011 prize winner JR.

I’m writing this in bed, with anti dark circle eye cream slathered on, researching my notes for the filmed interview I’m conducting with one of the attendees, a notable businesswoman, tomorrow morning.

Let the brain-stretching commence….

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That’s very exciting. Looking forward to hearing more about it.


Omg! So exciting! Need details!


You’ll do fine in your interview! I love the photo selected for your name tag.



Might I tap into your expertise and ask whether you could recommend any women’s (tasteful) pyjamas that I could buy the wife as a Xmas treat?

No worries if not of course.



Thinking of you hon – you’ll be FAB as usual. ps. used the paperless post invitation featured on your blog post and was a howling success. All my friends are in wonder! Great idea, great blog! x


I don’t know if anyone’s said yet, but that picture on your ID is fantastic. Like glam Lois Lane!


Welcome to DC, LLG.


Ooooh get you! Looking forward to hearing ALL about it. My brain would appreciate a good ol stretch too. Best of British luck Babe!



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