Now that I am an owner of a shiny new Blackberry Torch (Research in Motion, I love you) I am completely obsessed by these gloves. As I am sure you know, touchscreens only react to skin, so prodding desperately at them with a woolly finger is a pointless exercise.

And that’s why these gloves are so amazing. In each thumb and forefinger is Echo Touch’s special conductive eLink fabric which allows connectivity with your touch screen. I’ve been using them for a month or so now, and they really do work brilliantly.


I’m still a fan of the Etre Touchy semi-fingerless gloves I gave away on LLG this time last year, but in the frankly arctic temperatures England has been suffering under, and the US East Coast is about too (snow flurries in New York this morning), maximum finger coverage can only be a sensible idea.

Echo Touch sent me two pairs: the lovely turquoise cashmere above, and a sensible pair of black knit jersey ones with a pretty ruffly wrist. I especially like that the cashmere ones have extra-long wrists so no chilly gaps of flesh are left on show. (Although I’m afraid there has been a disaster: do not let miniature dachshunds near them, as apparently they find cashmere gloves irresistably tasty.)



In the US they have all sorts of great designs for both men & women available from $30 on Echo’s website here, including the cashmere version for $78.

In the UK they are available online from John Lewis (here in a very smart quilted driving glove for £25, as featured in Grazia.) UK Amazon has lovely camel cashmere ones for £55.

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I have definitely got to get a pair of those … it drives me mad glove on and off ..Thank you xx


I got my brother a pair of touch screen gloves last Christmas, I can’t remember the name of them, but they looked exactly like ‘normal’ gloves but magically they worked, they kept us all entertained on Christmas morning! (Easily amused!) Great idea, I love how cute these are, esp the turquoise colour, added to my wishlist…my right hand is getting cold these days..!

Burn the Blonde


I was looking at the MoMA catalog last night and actually mentioned to Mr. J that I need to get a pair of these. My habit of using Kindle for iPhone whilst walking has not been kind to my poor hands these last few days!


Update: was delighted to find that Saks carries them and snatched up a pair. They are utterly brilliant! My hands were freezing right off and now I am toasty and happy and amused by PG Wodehouse on Kindle. Hurrah!

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