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Attendance at the TED conferences isn’t assured. There is a heavily vetted application procedure, and it costs a four figure sum to attend as one of just a thousand delegates. It sold out months ago, & I wouldn’t be going but for an invitation from Levi’s, one of the sponsors of TEDWomen.

Levi’s have recently launched Shape What’s to Come, an online community to foster young female talent in fashion & media, music, art and social change, which makes them perfect sponsors for TEDWomen. They have invited six women to attend: Ashley Rhodes-Courter, Priya Lakhani, Katie Spotz, Chiara Clemente, Amanda Rose and myself:

Ashley Rhodes-Courter: By the age of twelve Ashley had lived in 14 foster placements before being adopted at age 12. Graduating with honors from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, she serves on several child welfare boards and was the Youth Advocate of the Year for the North American Council on Adoptable Children. In 2008, Simon and Schuster published her New York Times Bestseller memoir, “Three Little Words”.

Priya Lakhani: Former libel lawyer Priya Lakhani gave up a promising law career to launch fresh Indian cooking sauces, which use only fresh, authentic ingredients to make a supermarket range which she proudly claims tastes “as good as [her] mother’s”.  Lakhani has proved that even start-ups can afford hefty corporate social responsibility strategies – an underprivileged person in India is given a hot meal for every pot of Masala Masala sold.

Katie Spotz: Katie is an American adventurer who became the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She is the first person to swim the entire length of the 325-mile Allegheny River, cycled 3,300 miles across the United States from Seattle to Washington, D.C., and ran 150 miles across the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert, solo and self-supported.

Chiara Clemente: Chiara Clemente is a film director who explores identity, cultural contrast, and the creative process. Her first critically-acclaimed documentary, Our City Dreams, which followed the lives and work of five contemporary women artists in New York City. Her recent works include Beginnings, an original short film series for the Sundance Channel, the online series Made Here: Performing Artists on Work and Life in New York City and a film with Levi’s for their new initiative Shape What’s to Come.

Amanda Rose: Founder of the Connect the Dots Foundation and the international volunteer effort Twestival. Twestival has been able to build 55 wells with charity: water and recent efforts with Concern Worldwide will give thousands of students the chance at an education.

and me…

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Dear Turgid

I’m deleting your comment as I find insults dressed as questions a waste of everyone’s time. But is is wonderful that you are so fascinated by my site that you feel a need to keep returning, keep reading, keep commenting, keep bumping up my traffic. Thank you! But in the future, I suggest you try leaving High Wycombe (er, yes, I know exactly who you are), to build an interesting life of your own, rather than impotently lusting after someone else’s. Toodle pip! Flirtinis all around! LLG

ps You may also like to familiarise yourself with the concept that those people who paddle only in the shallows have no capacity for recognising depth in others.


This is very exciting – will you be giving a Ted talk?


No! I’m not in that league (but thank you for even thinking that). I’m just going as a delegate. LLGxx


Very excited to hear about your attendance. I live here (in DC) but as you said it is not a given due to funds, esp. Thanks for the information on your co-delegates above. I will pop over & visit them on their sites. I am a bit rattled by the first comment that had to be deleted–I ought not be but yikes. I am so sorry that this is happening. Again. (I do hope not same person/people)

Cheers, LLG.


Normally I ignore but this partic commentator is such a moron: people who take things at face value are so shallow! Do go take a look: such inspiring women. LLGx


I am so jealous that you get to attend! This sounds like a wonderful idea, I just wish that it could also spotlight women who are making waves in science and technology (although I guess the regular TEDs should do that?) I hope you have a fantastic time with all of these amazing women!

Also I am sorry that you should have to delete comments on here, I always enjoy your writing and look forward to your posts.


Oh but it does, it does! If you check out my earlier two posts from today/last night they go in to the speakers in detail. The women listed here are just the ones attending with Levi’s. The speakers include roboticists, geneticists, anthropologists, physicians, surgeons, researchers and more….


Oh that is even more awesome! I will definitely check it out, and I hope you have an amazing time!


That’s fantastic! Congratulations. I really like watching the TED videos—so many inspiring people and topics. Have fun!


What a great group to be a part of – well done lovely. Looking forward to hearing more about it all. x


Isn’t it just? SUCH inspiring women. LLGxx


This is fantastic LLG! What a wonderful event to partake in. I keep coming back to your site not only for all the lovely info you share, but for your all-embracing enthusiastic energy you emit through cyberspace. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences at TED!


I love that the focus is on achievement and they have such amazing speakers. I do think it is very American but they lead the way in robust knowledge sharing and motivation, it will be wonderful to attend – will you wear Levis!?

As for negative comments, you have to feel sorry for such peeps. I always want to give them a hug and say it will be all right. Though I was guffawing at the getting out of High Wycombe! xx

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