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If you look up at the top right hand of the LLG navigation bar, you’ll see two new boxes, called Bookshop UK & Bookstore US respectively. Click on them to take you to the new standalone LibertyLondonGirl Amazon bookstores. I’ve spent a lovely Sunday afternoon compiling lists of books that interest me. Some have featured here on LLG, some I have in my own library, some I lust after.

Amongst them are ideas for books for presents, for books to read in bed on rainy days, for books to buy for your godchildren (UK only), and books of essays to amuse and to inspire, as well as sections for DVDS & TV shows, for beauty products I’ve recommended on LLG, and the gadgets that keep LLG on the road.

Of course they are a work in progress, and I’ll be adding to them often as I come across more brilliant books, gadgets and face creams…

I’ve produced a UK AND a US site as some books, such as the brilliant Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime
have different titles  & covers in the UK (Race of a Lifetime), some aren’t available at all & there are other issues with things like DVDs.

But basically, it works just as normal Amazon does: books you add to your list or cart will appear on your own  Amazon page, and you pay through the main Amazon site. Happy shopping!

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Thank you for sharing, Sasha. I’d like to get those Vogue books you’ve mentioned and I’d like to get the new one The Faces of Fashion. Vogue Model with Kate Moss on the cover, mainly because of makeup, not models actually.

PS. Thank you very much for your comment! x


What a fantastic idea! Justine Picardie’s Chanel book is already on my list but I think I might have to add the Robert Doisneau/Palm Springs too.


We must do a Strand run together! Also, didn’t know you were a Richard Meier fan – now you REALLY must come visit! 🙂 xx


This is so useful thank you!Absolutely love the blog..xx

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