The calm before the Thanksgiving eating storm:



To start. Butternut risotto, with a chervil, thyme, oregano, garlic butter & chunks of sauteed squash stirred through at the end:

IMG_3601 IMG_3603

IMG_3607 IMG_3620

Possibly the best risotto I have ever eaten:

IMG_3623 IMG_3622

Which was followed by a classic Thanksgiving dinner – with a few twists. Roast turkey, obviously. Cranberry sauce. Candied yams with pecans. But the green bean casserole was made with a bechamel, sauteed mushrooms and home fried onion rings.

And then there were the mashed potatoes.


We didn’t have your standard mash. Oh no. We had Joël Robuchon’s pomme purees. Basically: you cook fingerling potatoes,then peel them, then rice them, then put them through a chinois, and beat in so much butter you think your arteries may explode. They are illegally good. And take f**king forever to make. And about five seconds to inhale in greed.


IMG_3602 IMG_3632

IMG_3641 IMG_3643

Of course, we had an audience for our gluttony:

IMG_3649 IMG_3637

With it all we drank a 2004 Marcassin Zio Tony Ranch Sonoma Coast Chardonnay. Mmmmmmmmm…..

Le fin:


Et apres ca:

Pecan pie with homemade vanilla ice cream (made by infusing cream & milk & vanilla caviar for hours):


And washed down with a 1994 Ca’Togni Napa Valley (black muscatel).

Collapse was total:




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Am *loving* les Bassets snuggling . . .


Your thanksgiving dinner looks amazing! Who cares about calories.

The Bassets are just gorgeous. I love the picture of them together and the picture in the post above with one sitting on the other. It really makes me want a dog. Hope all’s well with you xx

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