I find winter coats very, very tricky. Having a disproportionately large bosom, along with a tiny back means it is almost impossible to find a coat small enough across the shoulders and yet with enough fabric to stretch over my chest. Experience tells me I need narrow revers, a single breasted cut, and buttons placed slightly lower down the front than is normal.

I rely on my vast collection of vintage coats, but they can look tatty very quickly if you wear them too often, so I’m always on the lookout for well-cut modern overcoats.

Just before London Fashion Week opened, I hopped in a car to Westfield London first thing in the morning to see their shiny new and very chic (heavenly Danish inspired wooden fittings) Whistles store open its doors for the first time, and to meet its  CEO, the retail visionary who previously gave Topshop a shot in the arm, Jane Shepherdson.

Whilst we were talking, she pointed out the Celeste overcoat in camel, which she had already placed firmly in her own wardrobe. And, yes, dear reader, I left the store with the same coat in my possession. (Gifted, lucky me.)

For the next week, I kept spotting my new coat on the backs of some of London’s most stylish editors. Jane had told me she was wearing it to some of the shows and the morning of the Erdem show I guessed this wasn’t the day to wear mine – and sure enough there was Jane in the front row in hers.

(The photo above is me at London Fashion Week, wearing it with black Uniqlo skinny pants, Rupert Sanderson laser cut heels and a Jas MB black leather camera bag,)

I think it’s the perfect coat – Jane has a completely different body shape to me, far slighter, and looks devastatingly chic in hers, and yet it still fits me perfectly. As well, as the above mentioned specifics, it also has a slightly built shoulder, and an inverted pleat where a yoke might be across the back, which gives an almost 1950’s feel as it hangs away from the body.

It’s the Celeste overcoat in camel (it also comes in navy.) £225 (20% off this weekend!)

Screen shot 2010-11-19 at 09.17.20

This was me in my coat, & Chloe, my oldest & dearest fashion friend (we started out at the bottom of the fashion cupboards on two magazines based on the same corridor at British Conde Nast), at the GAP SS01 presentation a few weeks back, (above), as shot by the lovely Anders Christian Madsen for DANSK magazine.

And here’s me wearing it last week over a D&G frock (thank you Harvey Nichols), for a lunch at the Four Seasons, followed by a little light shopping at Loehmann’s in Manhattan.


And it’s not just me that loves their outerwear. My sister bought two coats, a fabulous classic trench, and this Long Military Great Coat £275 (Hers is the khaki).

Screen shot 2010-11-26 at 20.58.03 Screen shot 2010-11-26 at 20.57.00

And look! 20% off for you my darlings over this weekend. Just print off the coupon and fill it in to use in-store, or use the code at checkout.Just use code WHFF10 www.whistles.co.uk

Oh and Whistles have one of the best value delivery policies. A fiver in the UK, £6 for next day, and they now ship to Europe for £8 and to Australia and the US for just £10.

Screen shot 2010-11-26 at 12.41.35

And keep an eye out for their advent calendar, which will have different prizes every day in the run up to Christmas, including a trolley dash round a store and a supply of Whistles clothes for a year…

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This coat is lovely!!!!


Yup! It’s everyday and still different enough to make a (subtle) statement. LLGxx


I just clicked through on the voucher image, thinking it would be a larger image, but I can’t see the voucher anywhere?


Hi Lynn, I’ve remedied that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention LLGxx


What beautiful coats! I love that camel one at the top the most.
Lovely blog!



Thanks Meera! LLGxx


I have the same coat in navy and absolutely love it.


Yay for us and our great taste! LLGxx


Liked your post, found it from Forty Not Out. Now following you on Twitter, I’m AwenatYSB.


Hi Arwen, thanks for stopping by! LLGxx


I was thinking how nice that coat looked in the Loehmann pic!

The Rupert Sanderson heels are lovely, but, do you have a real tolerance for high heels?! I can’t wear ’em like I used to…


Thank you Bec! Yup – I am an inveterate heel wearer. Although those RS heels are proper taxi shoes – more than 20mins and they HURT! LLGxx


Coats are tricky for me too but for a different reason, I can never find one that is warm enough. I’ve read that J Crew’s thinsulated coats are very good but haven’t tested this myself.

And I can never seem to find a coat that I like and that is knee-length, everything seems to be just below bum-length these days, or maybe I have been looking in the wrong places..

You look great in yours though, lovely silhouette in the first photo!


Whistles def have coats that are long – my little sister loves her military great coat, and it is very thick and warm. And thank you! LLGxx


Lovely coat! In fact I like your entire outfit!


Uhm…isn’t this a common problem? I mean…you can’t be the only woman with uhm…’ a disproportianately large bosom’…so why haven’t the many talented designers tackled this problem? Oh, nice coat.


Because many of them are men, and they could care less. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Whistles has a female CEO and really thinks about wardrobe solutions. LLGxx


I have the same coat! I absolutely love, love, love it. The colour and the shape are perfect. My only (small) complaint is that it pills quite a lot. Does yours do this? I just make sure I use the bobble-off thingy on it every couple of days.

I love Whistles so much since Jane took over. Favourite shop hands down.


Yes, it does, but like you I just use a clothes shaver…LLGxx

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