Union Square, Wednesday night.

Every time I come back to New York I hit the ground running. Not by choice, just by coincidence. I was supposed to arrive Tuesday , on a flight carefully calculated to get me to my new apartment mid-afternoon, so I could unpack, get an early night and settle in.

Unfortunately thick fog and a technical failure at London Heathrow squashed that plan, and I got to the new place just past midnight, seven hours late.

Although I awoke ravenous on Wednesday from not eating much bar teeny tiny airline meals, I was so excited to be in one place for more than two weeks that I couldn’t bring myself to go forage for food before I had unpacked. And leaped about with joy.


(Disclaimer: This is where I am staying but they are not my apartment furnishings. I am sub-letting.)

Finally hunger drove me to onto a J train and into Manhattan to Jup She, a Korean restaurant on the SoHo/Chinatown borders to meet Judy for a catchup lunch.


Before watching this guy break into the storage locker containing all manner of my doubtless vital crap in Chelsea, as I had mislaid my keys over the past six months of peregrinations,


Then home to Williamsburg to change my ferreting-in-basement-containers clothing for a cocktail dress to attend a small private dinner in the West Village, cooked by Little Owl chefs, and thrown by the very clever cutting edge travel specialists Black Tomato.


I  was seated next to founder Tom, listened with interest to his plans for travel world domination & raised both eyebrows at his extraordinary stories. (It would appear that there is no end to the sophisticated demands that filthy rich clients can make upon their travel gurus.) The evening was rounded off perfectly with a pudding of doughnuts and nutella. (Oh, that all work dinners ended so.)

Thursday night was a very intimate first screening of new movie Garden of Eden (released this December in the US), in the chic surroundings of the Tribeca Grand’s screening room. My friend James Scott Linville, ex-editor of The Paris Review, wrote the screenplay and introduced the movie:


Stars Matthew Modine, Mena Suvari and Caterina Murino were all in attendance.

After all that excitement, Friday was a delicious lunch at the Four Seasons’ restaurant in Midtown with two lovely publicists to talk blogs and business.


That mushroom risotto was HEAVENLY


before I headed to the Hudson Hotel for the Jaeger & TCS SS11 press day. Apart from being lovely to catch up with charming work people, it’s always nice to compose mental, completely unrealistic shopping lists: Jaeger’s monochrome shifts, Joanna Sykes’ pretty dresses for Aquascutum, Richard Nicholl’s clean lines, Christoper Kane’s standout neon and, most of all, Antonio Berardi’s immaculate tailoring and delicious dresses.

Then I went home to sleep the sleep of the just (and well-fed).

IMG_3544 IMG_3551
L: Jaeger London                                               R: Christopher Kane

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Another delicious slice of your life!
I’m glad you are in one place for a little while, you don’t stop though do you? You are such a busy lady. But one who gets to see fab food too!

Sadie x


Thank you Sadie! But at least I am in NY and not going anywhere else! LLGxx


I am sick with jealousy – I wanna live in New York! Hampstead is nice and all but… sigh. So glad you talk about food as much as fashion, I do love me some Korean and doughnuts.


More food up today! LLGxx


The new apartment looks AWESOME LLG, must be so lovely to have a base, albeit temporary!


I am SO VERY EXCITED not to be moving around for a while LLGxx


Great place, it looks massive, especially for NYC standards. Welcome home!! MMxx


It’s properly HUGE! LLGxx


The new apartment is beautiful! Also, it’s hard to find Korean restaurants that cater to vegetarians. I’ve always left them hungry. I must be missing something.


I ordered the scallion pancake thing without seafood…very carb-y/fried but utterly delicious LLGxx


What a beautiful apartment! You’re going to enjoy it there!!


I do hope so! LLGxx


I will always applaud that you eat “proper” food and document doing so… thank you for giving us hunger for both food and fashion on the same blog!


Thank you. That’s exactly the kind of comment that makes me very chirpy LLGxx


looks like you’ve found yourself an absolutely stunning place! hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

p.s.: can’t get enough of your recipes!!


What a lovely thing to say! LLGxx


Wow, what a whirlwind first few days! Your sublet looks pretty incredible, too. Great place to stay! xx


Yup – then a very quiet second week! LLGxx


Hi Sasha,
Wow this all looks amazing. You must work really hard or are very lucky to live life so full. Love looking in on such an amazing NY adventure. Congrats and can’t wait to see more of NY and the amazing food *tummy rumble*
Stacey x


Hard work + luck in equal measure! Thank you LLGxx

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