I’m a a firm believer that when faced with reduced price designer clothes & accessories that one should apply the golden rule:

Ignore both the designer name AND the original selling price. If you like it enough regardless of designer or price, only then buy it.

Buying something just because it’s a designer label reduced to an affordable price is no way to shop. Take it from me: all you end up with is a closet full of stuff you’ll never wear.

But that’s not to say I don’t like a bargain if I am getting something beautiful and well-made for a fraction of its real value. And for that kind of shopping I go to Loehmann’s.

I adore Loehmann’s in New York (& elsewhere in the US). Most people think of Century 21 down by Ground Zero as the place to pick up designer bargains in Manhattan, but I beg to differ. When I was on big style magazine, our offices were two blocks away and I don’t think I ever found a single thing I wanted to buy in there. It’s fine if you have $500 to drop on a dress reduced from $5000 (although I take huge issue with the ‘original’ selling prices they put on their clothes. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a Matthew Williamson sundress for $5000), but there are relatively few bargains in the sub $150 range.

Loehmann’s, on the other hand, has floors of affordable bargains. Sure, if you want a beautiful two season’s old Valentino LBD and you have $750 to spare, there’s one there right now, but it also has many wondrous deals if you have both patience and a truffle pig’s nose for an on-trend piece. They also have lots of flash sales – there’s an extra 30% off on their sale shoes at the moment for example.*

In the past I have bought four Rory Beca silk tunics for about $40 each, Marni sandals for $90 (from a job lot they had bought in from Barney’s) and a really fabulous black Theory winter coat for $220 from $800.

I found these Gianfrano Ferre suede and patent leather ankle boots on Friday on the sale rack.

IMG_3556 IMG_3557

They are marked as a 37 – and I am a 38.5 – so my other golden rule, is

If you like ’em, try ’em on.

Think of all the size 38/39 boot lovers who passed these by because they didn’t try them on. They were $750, reduced to $180, with a further %30. I paid about $130 for them. But the point is I would have bought them if I could have afforded them from any label at that price.

I also bought these cashmere-lined leather gloves in black and in matt navy:

IMG_3566 IMG_3567

An amazing bargain at $29 a pair. They are particularly good as they have long wrists, so keep you even toast-ier than normal gloves do. They also come in proper glove sizes – I’m a 7.5 and it’s great to have gloves that fit properly.

And here’s me in my lovely new boots in-store and at home, worn with my new J Brand Agnes pants:



*If I’d bought my boots on Saturday not Friday, I would have got ANOTHER 25% off. Their website keeps you updated with coupons and deals.

The Thanksgiving Preview Savings started Saturday, November 20th!  Take an extra 25% off* the following regular priced items:
all coats for her & him, all denim for her & him, all sweaters for him, all boots for her, all suits for her & all Back Room sportswear

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Loehmanns has always been my my discount store of choice a couple of years ago, I scored the most amazing miu mius that’s got tons of admiring comments, which always make you feel even more smug knowing that they were a total bargain!


Yes! Smug is exactly right LLGxx


ooh i couldnt agree more on the whole ‘wardrobe full of stuff’… i often end up buying things just because its a bargain and not because i need it


I am trying to train myself not to do that LLGxx


The downside to living in Paris? No Loehmanns! My parents live right across the street from the 7th Ave location. Is it terrible that I look forward to visiting Loehmanns almost as much as I look forward to visiting my family? haha!

Great finds! x Ophelia


And one more tip … never, never go and see if you can find cheaper after you have bought something! Just enjoy your bargin!!


So true! LLGxx


Those boots look fantastic on you and the price is right. I have always been a Loehmann’s girl. My parents used to live in Fla. You know how many Barney’s cast-off cashmere sweaters go unplucked there? Perfect for a holiday-er who goes home to Canada 🙂 I just read that they filed for bankruptcy (or Chapter 11). Gist of the article (maybe you posted it?) is that they won’t go out of business, but only because they’re being cushioned by a larger organization.


Thank you! My sister used to shop at the one in Miami and got the most AMAZING bargains LLGxx


I used to think of Loehmann’s as a store for moms (because my mom shopped there all the time). I rediscovered it a few years ago and it is definitely my designer outlet of choice. I got my Judith Leiber sandals that I wore to a friend’s wedding and my own wedding there for <$100 among many other treasures. Loehmann's also doesn't overwhelm and exhaust me like Century 21.

I hope Loehmann's will be continue to maintain its great stock and prices after their bankruptcy filing (and not close my favorite location!) When I get back to NYC, I plan on shopping some more there!


ME too, me too! LLGxx


Love them!


What lovely finds! Killer boots!!

Thank you so much for sharing your Loehmann’s shopping love! We really do appreciate it. It’s amazing how many people either don’t know about us or don’t understand how good Loehmann’s shopping can be!

And because we love you lots.. we have another coupon for 10% off clearance purchases this week until the 24th ( plus more savings for Black Friday shoppers too!

And no. the Loehmann’s is NOT going out of business. The purpose of Chapter 11 is to reorganize and strengthen our business so we can continue to provide the great discounted designer fashions that our shoppers know and love.

Again.. love and thanks.. we are sharing your blog on our Facebook page!

The big L…


Thank you! LLGxx


Jeez, A+ to Loehmann’s for being “on it”! (But, it’s a bit scary as well!)

You look so chic in the full-length pic.


Why thank you! LLGxx


I love the boots! you are so right when it comes to buying what you like, not just because it has a name on it 🙂 I buy all of my clothes on the high street, then top up with designer accessories that I love 🙂


They are really comfortable too LLGxx

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