On Saturday night the week before last I arranged dinner at the new Soho House West Hollywood for myself & four of my wonderful LA girlfriends (43rd Year, Miss Whistle, MTFF & It’s So Lovely).

I was staying at the Beverly Wilshire, which I wrote about here. Usually I stay alone at the hotels I write about for LLG, so I was thrilled that this time, as MTFF lives a few hours north of LA, she came to stay with me so she didn’t have to drive home late at night.

I had forgotten to request a twin room, but it was no matter, as the very large studio room had a kingsize bed and a huge marble bathroom, with lovely wide windows overlooking Wilshire and Rodeo Drive.

After our night’s carousing at SH, we didn’t set an alarm: MTFF had locked her charming family under the stairs for the weekend, and I figured it was my last lie-in for a few weeks. We both expected to wake early, but we slept like logs for a whole nine hours in the most comfortable bed, waking refreshed, perky and ready for a ginormous morning after the night before breakfast at the venerable LA institution Nate ‘n Al’s diner across the road.

Here’s the video I shot of the room so you can see it in all its glory.

LLG was a guest of the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons.

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Thanks for the peek into your beautiful room! Not only is Pretty Woman one of my favorite movies, but my aunt lives just down the way off of Crescent and I’ve always wanted to see inside one of the rooms!


Excellent! Glad to be of service! xx


Oh Sasha,
Thank you for showing your room, and especially the scene outside!
I enjoy stopping here, you have such an interesting life, and I love that I can visit NY and CA without leaving my home. I thank you so much for sharing all that you do, it is appreciated. My little girl is happily playing, and I’m able to take a peek into a slice of your life.

You have also introduced me to Neom products, which again I have to thank you for. You are right, they are gorgeous.



Dear Sadie
Truthfully, it is comments such as the one you left above that make blogging worthwhile. Thank you so much LLGxx


I am salivating at the idea of that hotel room. It’s lovely to be able to live vicariously through your blog so thank you for providing us with such a fabulous video diary…and even better that MTFF had a discreet cameo role!


Yes, that is her lurking away! LLGxx


so much goodwill here! fuck that, i’m jealous!

….scowling on the outside, smiling on the inside….




Ooh! Lovely. It was a huge treat. Xo


The treat was in seeing you my dear LLGxx

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