(If you are sick & tired of the royal wedding hoohah, then don’t read this.) LLG has the inside scoop on Rutundu where the proposal took place. It’s another brilliant guest blog from Lauren Scott, as part of her series for LLG on fabulous Kenyan getaways.

Do you want to go on an adventure?

This is, without doubt, the best opening to a conversation. Ever.

The answer is of course, always yes. Big, huge, fat, head nodding, YES.

Yes I want to go on an adventure.

Yes I can leave today.

No, I don’t need to know the details.

It was this kind of blind enthusiasm that took me to a small, but perfectly formed, log cabin up on Mount Kenya.


Rutundu is not on the beaten path*, in fact, it’s nowhere close to it which makes going there all the more fun and the bragging rights all the better when you get home.   The best way to get there is by chopper!

Consisting of two rustic chic mountain cabins, decked out in sheepskins, Rutundu is the perfect place for some privacy and a little independence mid-safari…..and….if you are so inclined…. a Royal proposal? (Yes, really, this is where it happened.)

The seclusion here is quite remarkable, forget paparrazzi, you.will.not.see.another.person.

The cabins are pure rough-luxe with nights spent getting cosy by the fires and star gazing, and days spent walking, fishing and exploring. A walk to the nearby Lake Alice, where the proposal reportedly took place, is a must.


If romance is the theme of your safari, this is the perfect place to be totally alone with your other – half waking up to views across the mountains. If adventure is your vibe, imagine getting up with your chosen travel companions to miles and miles of land to explore, fish and hike.


To get there you can take one of two routes, Indiana Jones (drive a few hours from Nanyuki, followed by a short walk to the cabins) OR James Bond (chopper in from Sirikoi, Borana or Lemarti’s camp.)

For the exact GPS ask these guys

(*As you near the beaten path take a sharp left, a right, another left and you are getting warmer….but you still have a way to go)

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Hmm, who is right?


We are! Lauren has worked there, and knows it inside out. You can always trust LLG! x


Wow this looks lovely, perfect timing to post this article too! Who isn’t thrilled that Wills and Kate are getting married? 🙂


I’m secretly excited! LLGxx


Lauren,i totally agree with you.It is a lovely place,Rutundu is not only a nature lover’s bliss, but is also an idea spot for fisherman and hikers too,great sceneries combined with trout fishing,a day trekking to Lake Alice or Do a trek to the point Lenana(Summit)4985M.
We organise Camping Trips for the adventure loving at affordable rates all year round.

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