We were just leaving the venerable Pera Palas hotel after an afternoon tea of such enormous, delicious proportions that I was fast heading into a sugar coma when I caught sight of an intriguing little shop across the road.

Dragging my protesting mother in my wake, I burst into Hersey Askatan, which turned out to be a tiny boutique selling lokum, Turkish Delight, wrapped and packaged with inimitable style, and various other pretty fripperies,

Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 11.09.47

amongst which were these earrings. Which I bought. Clearly. I think they were about £22.


With roots  in Istanbul’s confectionery trade dating back to 1870, and a grandmother with a store famous for baklava,  the opening of Hersey Askatan was a natural progression for its owner.

Now it’s a brilliant place to pick up Turkish Delight treats to take home (fresh Turkish Delight, especially studded with pistachio nuts is a joy, quite, quite unlike the stale chewy stuff sold abroad. In particular I love how they take traditional Ottoman design motifs and reinterpret them for the 21st century. My earrings feel both traditional and modern simultaneously.

And just look at the lovely packaging. How could I not love a shop that slips chocolates into a bag containing earrings?


Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 07.50.24

Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 07.50.04


Meşrutiyet Cad. No:79 (Pera Palas Oteli Karşısı)
Beyoğlu – İSTANBUL +90 212 245 48 91

İş Bankası Kuleleri Kule Çarşı
Levent – İSTANBUL +90 212 269 46 66

Küçük Bebek Cad. No:11
Bebek – İSTANBUL +90 212 263 89 69

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those are quite lovely- what a fantastic find! I am so needing to visit Istanbul


Wow, so pretty, love the earrings! Istanbul is next on my list to visit!


you must go! It is wonderful xx


We have a couple of stop overs in Istanbul this Christmas, so I will attempt to frog march him to this shop as I have always longed to find a shop less craft based, with just a little more sophistication to buy some memento’s.
It is a dream of ours to live there for a few months when we retire, isn’t it a stunning city?


Yes! And I thought this shop was so chic. And made a proper change from the fake 19th brass tat that is everywhere xx

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