The tour van

It is day six of our tour. We have driven just over 1,000 miles. We have played shows large and small, in old music halls, bars, clubs, a clothing shop and a single-car garage. We have slept in apartments tidy and not so tidy (and, yes, we have slept in the van).

macs cheese shenandoah

Tour food: mac & cheese                                    Shenandoah

We have dined on homemade kombucha in Durham, haute Southern cuisine in Raleigh and midnight pizza in Charlottesville. We have arrived at Shenandoah National Park, eager for a hike, 10 minutes before it closes – two days in a row.

trotter pooles

Show venue: Trotter                                               Lunch at Pooles

And we have had the same conversation, almost word for word, every day and every night, with the lovely local musicians who share our bills. It is all becoming a bit of a blur.

“Hey man, great set! – Thanks so much, yours was great too. – Really love the French horn, never heard that before in a rock band, that was really cool. – Thanks man, I appreciate it. – The sound was really good, wasn’t it?

– Yeah, it’s a nice venue. – So what kind of music do you call this, like indie-rock or folk or something? – I don’t know, that’s a tough one, haha. – So where are you guys from? – Oh, we’re from Brooklyn. – Cool man, that’s great, I love New York! I hear there’s a big music scene there. – Yeah, there is a good scene. Your town is awesome too. Great crowd, nice venue. – Yeah, it’s great down here.

So are you guys on tour or something? – Yeah, we are. – So where are you going next? – Oh, we’re going to [small Southern town]. – Oh, it’s cool there. Where else have you played? – Oh, we’ve played [small Southern town] and [small Southern town]. – Oh, cool, how was it? – Yeah, they were great, we had a great time.

Yeah, you guys sound tight, do you have a CD? – No, it’s not out yet, it’s recorded but not released yet. We have t-shirts and posters and here, take a free sticker. – Oh cool thanks, and hey, don’t forget to check out [record store/restaurant/bakery] in [small Southern town], they have really good [records/food/baked goods]. – Cool man, I appreciate the recommendation. – So thanks man, we’ll see you soon – Yeah, you too, thanks so much, great set!”

chess kings

Emily wrote about setting out on tour in her first guest post here

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hehehehe… Cool post! Am off now to hear you if you’re on youTube. 🙂

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