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It’s no secret that there are hills in San Francisco. Very, very, very steep hills. And, when you are staying at the very, very top of Nob Hill, at the Fairmont, there is a very, very good chance that you will walk up one of the very, very steep hills.

And blimey it knackers you out trotting up and down those hills. Of course I took the cable cars occasionally – I am not immune to their fabulous vintage charm and clanging bells, but other than that I pretty much walked everywhere.

And I discovered the perfect shoe to walk those hills in: wedge boots. In advance, I would have thought that a 3 inch heel would have been hideously uncomfortable, but a wedge spreads the weight of your leg and is much more comfortable for walking than a very flat shoe – for me anyway.

And, best of all, they are bloody genius for walking up steep hills as they lift up your heels and stop the ache in your calves. Genius.

Good thing then, that I bought these fabulous Matiko chestnut leather hidden wedge boots for $159 in Shoe Biz on the Haight whilst I was in the city.


They are extraordinarily comfortable, with padded ankles, so no danger of rubbing, and a padded sole to stop aching feet.

IMG-20101031-00252 IMG-20101031-00251

IMG-20101031-00261 IMG-20101031-00254

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I was’nt sure about wedge boots, but then I bought some and haven’t taken them off!!!! Looks like you are having a fab time.e xx


They take a bit of sartorial getting used to! LLGxx


okay I think I can do hidden wedges. I can’t stand regular ones…


Glad to help! LLGxx


The boots, the boots, the boots! With a hidden wedge heel inside! What will they think of next? They look fabulous and fantastically comfortable!

Oh, the boots….


They are so not wear I wear normally, & I love them LLGxx


These must be what Tom Cruise wears… I kid. I rather like them actually. SF looks fabulous, I’d love to visit. x


yes! Lifts! LLGxx


I kept my legs in shape for years walking up and down those hills! I used to walk from the Marina to Union Square via Nob Hill, five days a week.

Love those boots and am going to check them out. I like to let my wedges hang out, though!


h then you’ll like my next boots post then! LLGxx


Ah the hills! I loved the hills! SF was my first visit to America. Miss you darling! Love you! FBxx


Wow i love these boots!! i saw them at urbanoutfitters at the beginning of the month actually, but the steep price threw me off! so i waited, hoping that there would be a sale on them soon. but instead, these boots are now sold out and i can not find them anywhere! i’ve checked shoebizsf, but matiko is not listed on their site, even if you use the search box. are you sure you bought your boots there? they look lovely, i cannot believe after a few weeks there are none left!

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