Yesterday I hunkered down on a squishy sofa in a corner at Soho House in West Hollywood to set up my new Mac Air, before heading to an early family supper at my friend Bumble’s divine home in Laurel Canyon, and then on to Standard Tunings, a new music night at the Standard Downtown.

At least that was the plan.

Because it was Sunday there were plenty of empty meters outside 9200 Sunset, the building on top of which Soho House is perched, so I thought I would just park there instead of paying to use the obligatory SH valet.

Big mistake. Huge. As Julia Roberts said. Because I misread the street signs and got my rental towed to the pound 3 miles way. Even more frustrating was that I missed the traffic cops by 13 minutes and the tow truck by three.

As a friend out here said today, there is no quarter given here in the matter of fines. California is broke and needs the cash.

I managed to get a cab to the pound the other side of Hollywood, pay for the release (thank God for credit cards), and get to dinner at Bumble’s rather late, and there, to a background of the Lakers game and much animated & rather brilliant conversation on all sides, I was fed this:


Chanterelles and pappardelle. Could anything be nicer on an approaching autumnal weather (this was LA after all) evening?

I’m just annoyed that through my own stupidity I missed seeing my friends Julian and Scott play at the Standard. Never mind, you can listen to Adamandevil here, and check out Julian’s label Impossible Things here.

Photo: the valet parking pick up at Soho House LA

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The Maharishi is going to be very happy that you like his chanterelles. He makes them because he knows they remind me of my foraging Norwegian grandmother. I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. xx


oh they were sooo good. LLGxx


paying for parking is a major gripe of mine. but yep. its cheaper than a tow truck.

the dinner looks delish!

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