As regular readers will know, lil’sis was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over ten years ago. I’m not going to beat around the bush: it’s a horrible, horrible disease which affects quality of life on every level.

Of course we research everything we can to find out what can be done to help those with this disease, and one of the charities she and I talk about is Canine Partners, who train assistance dogs. They do the most amazing work, providing dogs for the disabled in the same way that Guide Dogs for the Blind do for those with no sight.

We often joke that we should train up Posetta Baddog, but sadly she is a) far too bloody minded and b) a little small. (She’s a dachshund.) Most importantly, it takes not just hundreds of hours of training but hundreds and hundreds of pounds to train an assistance dog.

To that end fashion designer Ben de Lisi (remember the glorious dresses for Kate Winslet?), and one of the UK’s foremost fashion experts, the beyond brilliant Caryn Franklin have joined forces to help national charity, Canine Partners, create a fashion show with a difference on Thursday 18 November.

Dogs, Rocks and Frocks will combine the grace and beauty of professional models with the skills of dogs trained to help people with disabilities.

The event is being held at St Mary’s in Wyndham Place, London, W1, with a drinks
reception at 6.30pm followed by the fashion show and auction with a light supper included.

The show will be hosted by Caryn, and is being created by the fashion team from C4’s
How To Look Good Naked. Alongside the professional models on the catwalk, a selection of the Charity’s working assistance dogs will be showing off their skills in a variety of tasks including taking money from a cash machine, undressing their human partner, and fetching help in an emergency.

Tickets are £75 and are available online at Alternatively you can email or call Jill Green on 01730 716026.

On a side note, if you’d like to read about how a puppy is trained in the US as a Service Animal, then do go over to Raising Ruby: A Colorado Service Puppy in Training, one of the blogs I recommended last year, and written by a Service Puppy Raiser for Canine Partners of the Rockies.

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What a FANTASTIC idea, I’d love to be able to go!

And surely this is absolute proof that dogs are better than cats…? 😉


Me too! I dunno tho – I do love the independence of cats…LLGxx


This sounds like such a worthwhile cause- I will see if my dog loving friend would like to come with me. I’m afraid I have a terrible habit of breaking out in tears whenever I see working dogs, last time was on Sunday when I saw a puppy being trained to be a guide dog- dogs have such an enormous capacity to try for people and to love and seeing the little puppy try so hard at his excercises just turned me into a blubbering mess.


Oh God I wld have too. I do hope you can go LLGxx


My uncle has MS and I agree, it is a horrible disease. He’s practically bound to a wheel chair. I had no idea dogs could be trained for the disabled, not just the blind.


It’s brilliant, isn’t it? And I’m sorry to hear about your uncle LLGxx


I went to the Dogs, Rocks & Frocks event with my Canine Partner Sailor. It was a wonderful, fun & interesting evening. I am so very grateful to Canine Partners for my beautiful boy, and also grateful to all the many people who hosted, helped and supported the evening. After all, if it wasn’t for similar support in the past I may not have been blessed to receive Sailor and that doesn’t bear thinking about!
Hollie, you say that your uncle has MS. Obviously I don’t know him but I would definitely encourage him to look into getting a Canine Partner. Should he (or you) have any questions Canine Partners will be only too willing to answer them. Equally, if you feel that I may be able to help with anything then please feel free to ask.


I am so glad to hear that Eileen. Thank you for letting me know. LLGxx


I went to the dogs rocks and frocks, I was also helping out as this charity is very close to my heart and my families and we do everything we can to help, as Caroline Pearson who was organising the event is my Aunt! I had so much fun and the show was amazing truly the glamourous fashion show intended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met a lot of people who I really admire, especially the partners with their canine counterparts! Its such a rewarding experiance and I cannot wait for the next event I’m so happy the money raised will be helping this charity so much so… yay 🙂


Hi Laura. Thank you so much for letting me know. It’s great to know: I hope I can go to the next one. LLGxx


Wow, Simply Impressive post. That’s only the reason why human beings loves pet dogs. I have two pet dogs and both are close to my heart. They are very smart and energetic.

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