I am not in a particularly good mood right now, given that I am in glorious San Francisco, and have spent the past three hours in my hotel room dealing with yet another Dell issue. (Don’t buy Dell.)

However, there is much emotional compensation to be gained from rotating my head 180 degrees to look out the window. Above is Alcatraz.

To my right is the Coit Tower:


And to the left is the Golden Gate Bridge, 3.5 miles away in the distance.


Unsurprisingly, this view is making me a whole load happier than Dell right now.

LLG is a guest at The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco

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Cool to see Alcatraz


Damn Dell. (I love my Mac).

View is tops, even though I’m not much of a SF fan. Too much like home.

M xx


Oh I love San Francisco…I’ve been to the Fairmont but not to stay as I always stay with friends. I am very sorry to hear about the Dell – again. Try to have a lovely evening, though. It’s only 6:05pm out there as I type this…xo


thank you ! LLGxx


Dump the Dell and get a Mac. I’ve had Macs since I was in school, and they’ve always been great. I had a G4 titanium laptop that suffered being slung off the roof of a moving car and still worked perfectly for eight years. It died quietly after allowing me to get a manuscript in and meet a deadline.

At the Apple store, it was pronounced vintage. Yes–old beyond repair. Love my lovely new MacBook Pro, though. When I should be working, instead of slipping off into the Internet, I can amuse myself by making faces and capturing them with Photo Booth. Also, if you have difficulties, there’s one on one and the genius bar, and everyone is very helpful.


Oh my goodness! Welcome to California LLG! We are so happy to have you here. Me, the Guv’na and Maria Shriver greet you on behalf of Californians everywhere. (And, I should add, I hope you will visit our fair city where the smog is so pretty. Because the mountains are very pretty too. And the leaves are beginning to change. Just a little.)

Don’t forget to visit the Ferry Building.

Much love,

Miss W xxx

ps. And you know what, Dell can shove it up their rumpas!


I’m a bit late in replying to my comments this fortnight. But your lovely welcome put a HUGE smile on my face LLGxx


Oops, afraid I didn’t notice you’d already posted about the Ferry Building. Of course, you’re one step ahead of me.

— Giddy in Laurel Canyon


Great pictures, lucky you, gaze out at the wonderfull view and forget you dell issues for a moment or two! e xx


While you’re in SF go to the Mac store and get yourself a Mac!
Beautiful views. Lucky you.


I wish you could sue companies like Dell on the grounds of causing severe emotional stress.


me too, dear, me too LLGxx

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